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Top Dog Breeds You Should Know About

By Pawstro | 21 Sep, 2021 in Pet Love

Top Dog Breeds You Should Know About

Dogs are just the best companions anybody can ask for. They are always there for you, as a good listener, as your playtime buddy, and to make you smile whenever you hit your blues. It is very difficult to pick out the right breed that would suit you. It depends on the amount of time, space and energy that you can give to them. There are plenty of beautiful and joyous options available for you to pick from. Some are very predictable, too small, energetic, have greater grooming needs etc. So for you to have a quick pick and understand every characteristic of the cute little pooches, here is a list of top dog breeds by Pawstro:

American Kennel Club Ranking-Wise

Labrador (AKC Rank: 1)

This is easily recognizable and one of the most popular medium to large dog breeds top the breed list! Their winning streak starts well right from being adaptive with kids, to bonding closely with almost anyone apart from their family members. The activeness, playfulness and intelligence that they carry around within themselves are very remarkable. You can expect them to be the best at running, fetching, snuggling etc. They need minor grooming as their shedding rate is minimal. Don’t forget to give them regular brushing.

French Bulldog (AKC Rank: 2)

This is one of the best small dog breeds. If you look closely, they look exactly like a bulldog, just their miniature version. Their distinctive feature is their erect bat-like ears. With their calm look, courage, intelligence and friendliness, they have won the hearts of millions. This might surprise you but they do their thinking by really appreciating and understanding it quickly when you use a good sense of humour, praise them.

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German Shepherd (AKC Rank: 3)

Almost everyone is quite familiar with the “wolf-like” appearance of a German shepherd. These are medium to large sized so if you have a large space, you can consider keeping them. They are highly obedient, intelligent and possess great strength. By willingly putting their lives on line, these creatures defend their loved ones! Their rank stands 1st in canine royalty and they rise tallupto 26 inches. If you are looking for the best dogs for families in the form of a great guardian, nothing beats them!

Golden Retriever (AKC Rank: 4)

‘The golden colour’ of this cute breed gives it its name. Also known as a “Flat-Coated Retriever”, with its double coat which is water-resistant and very thick, their body can hold up a lot of heat even when it is quite cold. You can get both long-haired and short-haired golden retrievers. With a friendly, loving and active approach, these ones are going to mesmerize you instantly.

These also need early socialization. You will have to manage their intake since they may get overweight easily. At Least 1 hour of daily exercise can help one of these top dog breeds maintain it.

Poodle (AKC Rank: 6)

With a very funky look, this versatile breed has become popular in no time. This breed comes in 3 sizes: Toy, Miniature and Standard. Since they are very energetic, you just have to make sure that they get to have as much exercise as they can. Proper mental stimulation along with regular grooming for their continuous, curly growing coat, is a must for them.

Beagle(AKC Rank: 7)

With an easy and outgoing attitude, this breed promises to be one of the happiest and most lovable ones. Did you know it is said that they are born to hunt! The second a beagle smells something interesting, they follow their nose instead of their owner’s requests. Their nose is said to be their ruler.

If you want to pick one of the top dog breeds that is very approachable, warm and cheerful then you should go for a beagle. With plenty of exercises, your beagle will stay as fit and healthy as possible. Coming in pleasant colours, their big brown, hazel eyes add up more to the adorable face. So, if you are looking for a curious, clever, even-tempered and gentle dog, a beagle is the one.

Rottweiler (AKC Rank: 8)

Known for its observation skills, this breed stands proud and confident along with its playful traits. With a strong black coat combined with rust markings, they possess a lot of strength. The best thing is that their coat requires minimal care. You can just get done with it via quick and weekly grooming. But, do make sure that they get early training and develop good socialization skills. With extensive and continuous socialization, they will undoubtedly become your go-to family companion.

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Apart from these top breeds, you can also check out a few breeds listed below if they fit your pet criteria.

Bulldog (AKC Rank: 5)

German Shorthaired Pointer (AKC Rank: 9)

Dachshunds (AKC Rank: 10)

Now, as we are looking at the global dog breeds that stand apart according to their features, size, age, etc. let us have a glimpse of the best Indian dog breeds that you can proudly own.

Here is a list of the best Indian dog breeds that promise to create a remarkable journey for you:

Best Indian Dog Breeds

Pariah Dogs

This is said to be the most intelligent Indian dog. Apart from being one of the oldest Indian dog breeds, it is found throughout the Indian Subcontinent. Its distinctive features are being social, alert and very low maintenance. But, they still need regular trimming of their nails since long nails can injure themselves.


This breed is found mostly in Southern India, typically in Tamil India. These hound dogs are said to be both silent and strong enough to protect their families and are loyal enough to be one of the best dogs for families.

You can also check these breeds to hold a pawsitive experience together:

Mudhol Hound

(Image Source: ScrollDroll)


(Image Source: Wikipedia)

Indian Spitz

(Image Source: Wikipedia)


(Image Source: pic-willy)

Himalayan Sheepdog




(Image Source: The Smart Canine)

Kumaon Mastiff

(Image Source: Global Dog Breeds)


(Image Source: Wikipedia)

Rampur Greyhound

(Image Source: Monenco Iran)

Vikhan Sheepdog

Gull Dong

(Image Source: Facebook)

To spice up this blog more, we will be highlighting a few FAQs for you:

Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Breeds

  1. Which is the no. 1 dog in the world?
    The Labrador Retriever” is said to be the most popular dog breed in the world. It is one of the most family-friendly breeds that you can find.
  2. Which dog has the highest IQ level?
    “Border Collie” breed has the highest IQ Level than any other dog! If you want a dog to understand it’s routine and tasks quickly, then this is the one. The smartest of all.
  3. What is the rarest dog breed?
    The rarest dog breed that you can find is “Lagotto Romagnolo”! These cute dogs have Italian Origin and are said to be very rare in other parts of the world.
  4. Which is the cheapest dog in the world?
    The cheapest dog that you can ever come across is “Greyhound”. They require super less grooming than other dogs and are hence very pocket-friendly.
  5. Which is the most beautiful dog breed?
    “Akita” is said to be the most charming dog breed of all. With their fluffy coat, they promise to catch your attention quickly.

Just having these little feet running across the hall can lighten up your day and fill in all your worries. We hope that with this blog, you were able to pick the most suitable breed as your best friend. Let us know in the comments which breed did you pick.