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5 tips to find the Best Names for Dogs: Male & Female Dog Name Suggestions (2021)

By Pawstro | 21 Aug, 2021 in Dog Lover, Pet Love

5 tips to find the Best Names for Dogs: Male & Female Dog Name Suggestions (2021)

Finding the best names for dogs is a process that starts in your mind way before you even get a puppy. Shakespeare has said, what’s in a name? Do you agree? A name is something that is attached to us as an identity. Be it human beings or a pet, the name is the first thing that connects. When you call someone, you call them by their name. The same is true for your pets as well. It is something that will stay until their last day. So, if you think that naming your pet is not easy, then it’s very natural. In this article, we have compiled five tips that can help you to find the best names for dogs.

Tips to choose a name for your pet

1. Know your dog first
Every pet has a unique personality & traits. A name that summarizes your dog’s personality, instincts or traits can be a perfect identity. For example – one of our friend’s dogs is named Firey describing her natural aggressiveness. Being a ‘Guard Dog’, Firey is really great at what she does. So, whenever someone hears the name Firey they get an idea of whom they are walking into.

When your dog is a little puppy, that’s the time when you barely know him/her. So, just manage with a temporary name for the initial few weeks. Once you know the true nature of your dog, then you can choose one of the best names for dogs that can match their personality.

2. Check your cultural preference
You may have a cultural preference when it comes to naming your dog. It’s not totally surprising as culture is something that we live with. It’s a part of our lives. So, when it comes to naming your dog, check for your cultural preferences. Talk to your family members. Try to understand their viewpoints as well. If they have some expectations, then you can consider those as well. This will help you in understanding if you can choose a name in your mother tongue/ native language. If this is the case then you can stick to Indian names for dogs. There is a long list of names & we hope you can find the one that you are looking for.

3. Gender – Does it Matter? You Decide
Just like us, while naming a pet, gender does play a significant role. Pet parents usually prefer sticking to masculine or feminine names. However, there is a section of pet lovers, who believe that gender is unimportant when it comes to naming your pets. There are certain names that are gender-neutral and can fit well with both genders. So, as a pet parents, we think it’s your call to decide which way you want to name your beloved pet. If you come up with some cute dog names that do not fit in some conventional belief, you can just go for it.

4. Shorter the Better
It’s observed that dogs’ names are simple. If you are choosing a name like Sheru, Piku these are the sounds that your dogs will know easily. Once the dog understands that he/she is being called with a specific name, they start responding to it. On the other hand, when you pick longer names like Alexander etc., then it may take relatively longer for your dogs to recognize & respond to such long names. Picking up one from the list of best names for dogs isn’t easy, but put some time & thought into this process. You will find a great name for your furry mate.

5. A name close to your heart
There can be endless discussions, arguments and counterarguments about how to name your dog. There are some names that will simply click you. If you hear that voice from deep within, that yes, this is a name – just go for it. After all, a name is all between you and your dog. Nobody other than you (except your family), is going to be calling your dog by its name. So, go for a name that you believe will help you establish a connection between you and your dog. There are a variety of names for male dogs and then there are names for female dogs that are compiled in several blogs on the internet. However, you can use these names just to ideate & get started with the whole naming process.

Other things to consider
It may happen that you are adopting a dog. If it is a puppy, then you can consider using the above tips & naming the pup. If you are adopting a grown-up dog, that already has a name. In such a case, deciding whether to continue with the dog’s existing name or choose a new one can be a little confusing. In such cases, we think it’s better to continue with the old name as it’s something that the dog is well acquainted with. Secondly, even for a dog, there are memories associated with the old name. Continuing the same old name can be a great way of cherishing those memories.

Names are special & so are the name frames

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Before we sign off here is a list of a few dog names that can help you get started.

10 Indian Names for Dogs

  1. Sheru
  2. Piku
  3. Raka
  4. Raja
  5. Viru
  6. Rani
  7. Shera
  8. Chiku
  9. Kiku
  10. Laddu

10 Names for Female Dogs

  1. Roxie
  2. Firey
  3. Lazy
  4. Humpty
  5. Lucy
  6. Penny
  7. DeeDee
  8. Rea
  9. Bella
  10. Mia

10 Names for Male Dogs

  1. Jack
  2. Carrie
  3. Simba
  4. Tommy
  5. Hunter
  6. Milo
  7. Oscar
  8. Max
  9. Laser
  10. Tison

10 Cute Dog Names

  1. Angel
  2. Bear
  3. Chloe
  4. Daisy
  5. Ellie
  6. Faith
  7. Ginger
  8. Hope
  9. Iris
  10. Karma

So do you like any name from this list? Or have you come up with some better names? In either case, feel free to share the name you finalized with us in the comment section.