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Manan Desai Vadodra

Perfectly Captured the Unique Spirit and Personality

Wonderful job by Pawstro. This portrait feels so personal, like a celebration of the personality, style, and looks that makes my baby unique

Manan Desai's Pet Custom Master Portrait
Shilpi Jain New Delhi

Oreo Looks Like a Heartthrob

Oreo’s painting is so artistically & beautifully done that it gives me butterflies every time I look at it. Details of the painting apart, thanks to Pawstro’s customer service team for being so patient and solving all my queries with such professionalism.

Pawstro Customer With Shihtzu Blue Master Custom Portrait
Kanika Noida

Portrait of two pets = Double the happiness

First of all, I loved being able to proof and make edits to the artwork before they laid it out on the canvas. This double pet painting is so perfect that I am lost for words. I’m too elated to describe it in words. TYSM Pawstro. I honestly recommend everyone to go for Pawstro they will leave you happier than before.

Pet Mother With Custom Two Pet Portrait Of Her Pets
Chander Sarvagyam Ahmedabad

Immortalized our family's cutest members

I love the efforts Pawstro puts into their work. I ordered two portraits from them. Both of them are showcased in my living room and I keep getting compliments on how amazing they are! Pawstro has taken a moment from our boys’ lives and immortalized it.

Pet Parents Pawsto Digital Painting Of Two Pet Dogs
Krupa Rawal Ahmedabad

Rio is mighty impressed

The final portrait of Rio arrived just in 4 days and it perfectly captures his grace and majesty. Rio jumped in happiness and didn’t stop wagging his tail for the entire day.

Pet Mother Photo With Beagle Personalised Digital Painting
Sanjana Paladugu Chennai

So surreal, SO BREATHTAKING!!!

This painting is Surreal, it looks exactly like my baby pooch & it means so much to me. Can’t just express how excited I’m when I saw a msg on my phone that your Pawstro portrait is out for delivery Once after receiving it And seeing this painting, I was completely amazed, As I couldn’t have even imagined that it is gonna look so lively & soo real it’s just Surreal. But you guys made it come true, I was soo.. happy that I can’t just describe it in words

Beagle Dog Custom Pet Painting With Pet Mother
Akash Choudhary Mumbai

Pawstro painted the love of my life with perfection

Love is definitely a four-legged word. This stands true for me totally, when Hazel came into my world, I was at my lowest point. He has changed my world and his love for me is soo selfless that it melts my heart every time I look at him. This sweet bond has been made even sweeter with this portrait by Pawstro which is cuteness overload as two hazels are better than one right?

Labrador Pet Parent With Dog And Digital Pet Painting
Richa Sharma New Delhi

Thanks for painting my Oscar

Thank you Pawstro for this amazing piece of art. Me and my baby Oscar just loved it😍

White Cute Dog Mother With Blue Master Digital Painting
Ayesha Pune

Priceless Painting, Priceless Feelings

Rumi (my dog) is so ecstatic to see herself on the canvas. Pawstro just gifted me a moment I’ll never forget.

Pawstro Customer With Labrador Dog Master Portrait Painting
Khushi Rajput Ahmedabad

Surreal art. Beautiful finish.

Thanks to Pawstro I’ve got two Rios in my life. This painting is surreal it looks exactly like my pooch & It means so much for me 🥰 Can’t express how happy and excited I got after seeing this painting I couldn’t have even imagined it but you made it come true 😍 Pet parents just go for it if you also want to gift ur friend this is the best thing u could think of

Pet Mother With Shihtzu Grey Master Pet Portrait
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