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How to start an Instagram pet account?

By Pawstro | 29 Sep, 2021 in Cat Lover, Dog Lover, Pet Love

How to start an Instagram pet account?

Instagram pet account is a real thing & there are pets who have a crazy fan following. These social media accounts exclusively maintained for the pets give us a glimpse of the lives of these lovely pets. Later in the article, we will be telling you a few pets that have simply stormed the internet. Most of these pet accounts started as passion projects by most pet parents & today they have celebrity status in the world of social media. If you are a proud pet parent then this is something that you can try out. With this article, you will be able to understand the intricate details that can help you get started with a pet account for your pet.

Some of the Most Popular Animal Instagram Accounts

When it comes to pet accounts, it is likely that a dog or cat account comes to your mind. However, you will be shocked to know right from the parrots, squirrels, horses; there are many pet accounts with a huge fan following. The world is full of pet lovers & admirers and they love to see the lives of these amazing pets. So, here we are taking you through some of these very popular pet accounts on the gram.


With 10 million followers, this cute little pup has got its own fan base making it one of the most followed dogs’ Instagram accounts. Visit this account is an absolute joyful retreat showcasing the life of this cute furball. Donning a perfect attire for every incident, the Jiffpom keeps winning the hearts of dog lovers all across the world.

Smoothie the Cat

Smoothie is one of the most loved cats on the internet. With her ecstatic hair & mesmerizing blue eyes, Smoothie’s average post gets anywhere between 75K to 265K likes.

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Smoothie’s fan base is 2 million & continues to grow with time. Smoothie is a perfect depiction of what it is like to have a cat pet. Expressing her emotions loud & clear and vibing with her own aura, Smoothie has made her way among the top cat Instagram accounts.

This Girl Is Squirrel

Jill the Squirrel is a rescued squirrel that is now winning hearts with her mischievous & notorious actions. Jill’s storytelling style is simple, however, it connects with everyone at a first glance. Jill has got 725K followers & a visit to her profile is a fun-filling experience.


If you have got the DNAs of both the pet lover and an explorer, then you will absolutely love Loki. This Wolfdog accompanies his explorer pet parent on every adventure tour. Be it a visit to the mountains or a camping tour in the woods you will find Loki traveling most of the time. You can also watch the reels to see Loki in action. Loki The Wolfdog is one of the most popular dog Instagram accounts that have created a beautiful niche for itself.

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The accounts discussed here just give a glimpse of pet accounts in the digital space. There are many other accounts that are worth the mention, and you can find those accounts on Instagram.

Tips to start an Instagram pet account

  • Getting Inspired is a Good Way to Start

    After knowing a few celebrity Instagram accounts, let’s see how you can get started with creating your own pet account on the gram. Firstly, it is always nice to study and understand a few accounts that you admire. You can note down the important parameters such as uniformity, theme, style of storytelling, engagement by followers for each account. Based on which pet you have, you can craft your own Instagram pet account strategy.

  • Write a Good Bio

    Once you set up your pet account, it is time to write a good Bio. There is no unique formula for writing a perfect bio. A good bio talks about the account while effectively summarising the mood & tone of the account. The account bio is the first thing that everyone notices after landing on your account. So, make sure that you write it well.

  • A Good Profile Picture is a Must

    While you choose a profile picture, pay attention to the aspect ratio of the picture. The picture is an identity of your Instagram pet account, so it has to be good. A close-up picture, directly facing the camera with good eye contact can make a good profile picture.

  • Select a Theme Colour for your account

    There are many social media accounts that prefer sticking to specific colours with their account. This can be for the text copies, or the picture frames or the background colours for stories. When this colour is used over a period of time, the followers associate this colour with your account. This, however, is a long-term strategy and will require consistency.

  • Be Regular In Your Posts

    This is a key factor that decides the success of every pet Instagram account. Once your account starts getting some traction, your followers will be looking forward to regular posts & updates. Other than posts, an effective way of engaging with your audience is by conducting polls, ask me anything sessions and creating engaging reels.
    Once you study and analyze which content the audience is liking the more, you can then concentrate on that area. Creating regular content can help you get more visibility & engagement on Instagram.

  • Thinking of Collaboration? Why Not!

    So, you have started with the account & managed to get a headstart. What happens next? There are many possible collaboration ideas that you can think of. Be it product positioning or collaborating with existing popular pet accounts, based on the popularity & reach of your account you can explore many such options. Collaborations are a great way to grow when it comes to growing together in a digital space. Remember – think of collaboration, not competition.

  • Be Respectful & Appreciative of Others

    When you are in the digital space, it is important to be respectful towards others. If you see other accounts coming up with some great content, you can appreciate it & give a shoutout to them with an open heart. Being nice can help you in a long way. Also, remember that your followers are always keeping an eye on the way you react & respond to everyone. So you should always set the right example from your actions. Keep your account clean, to the point & avoid any possible controversy at any point.

We hope you find this article helpful & it helps you get started with your dog/ cat Instagram accounts. We wish you all the best for this journey. Do remember to Tag us by mentioning Pawstro Official & it will be an absolute pleasure for us to be a part of your social stories.