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Spread Joy & Happiness with Pet Oil Painting

By Pawstro | 22 May, 2021 in Pet Painting

Spread Joy & Happiness with Pet Oil Painting

Those tight deadlines & high-priority presentations followed by a heavy day at work has left you with bags full of stress. You sailed through the day and returned home with your once cute and now ferocious dog welcoming you with an unstoppable tail wag! Wonder where the stress goes? The anxiety that bothered you throughout the day simply disappears with those persistent jumps of your lovely dog. At that very moment, you feel that you don’t need anything else. Have you ever thought, what magic your pets do that makes you forget everything and bring a moment of joy in your life? Well, if you have a similar feeling about pets, then you are not alone.

Pet parents don’t need reasons for having pets in their lives. They are emotional human beings who absolutely love their pets. If you are one such pet parent, then this article is for you. We are going to explain to you about pet oil painting -an art form with which you can create beautiful memories of pets.

A gift that touches hearts!
Now you know what separates pet parents from everyone else! If you are looking for a gift for a pet parent, that will not only blow their mind but also fill their eyes with joy?

For such warm-hearted people, we believe a pet oil painting can be a perfect gift. The best gift that you can give someone is a gift of memories. This art form of digital oil painting can gift your loved ones the memories of their favourite pets. This is a personalized gift that is capable of touching the heart of your loved ones and it will stay with them for a really long time. But how is a pet portrait painting made? What is so special about it? Let’s understand these aspects one by one.

An art bridging emotions with technology
When you think of digital oil paintings, those fancy filters of different cell phone apps can quickly come to your mind. In reality, digital oil paintings are a great deal of effort and time and no way as simple as applying a simple filter. There are two software needed to create these digital paintings. Our artists put a lot of thought while creating each piece. Seizing the expressions of pets as it is from the reference photograph requires a high degree of expertise that can only come with the experience. This is a reason why a pet oil painting captures the emotions & expressions of your pets.

Here is something that is even more interesting! Just like you, every artist and team member at Pawstro is a pet lover! So our artists and every team member can understand & relate to the emotions and connection a pet parent shares with their pets. For us creating these pet paintings from photos is a unique experience. We believe every painting is a memorable relic that appreciates the presence of a pet in a person’s life! It’s a story that we narrate with our paintings!

Pawstro’s ever-expanding pet family
You can visit our social media handles to take a look at beautiful pet paintings created by our artists. Our paintings are appreciated by pet parents all over the world! It is a testament to the finest artistry of our team. We believe that every pet is beautiful in its own way. The love and admiration of a pet parent towards their pet is a mark of true kindness. We try our best to depict this bond through our paintings! When you trust us with a pet portrait painting, we value it. For us, every painting is a journey that we share with you. It doesn’t end after you receive the painting, but you become a part of our Pawstro family. This is way beyond transactional. The joy & smiles that our paintings bring to the faces of pet parents, that’s our biggest motivation. Our artists put their heart and soul into every project and the result is fascinatingly beautiful pet paintings that you can’t take your eyes off.

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Spread happiness with a portrait painting
Our paintings will surely bring joy to your loved ones. All you need to do is get a picture of their favourite pets and send it to us. Look for a picture that they absolutely love. Our artists will take it forward from there. On average, we need a time of three to four days to complete a painting. Sometimes a painting may even take longer depending upon the reference image. Once your painting is ready, we share a softcopy with you. The delivery time may vary depending upon your location. You may have any specific inputs such as the background colour or texture etc. then we can incorporate those changes in the painting before printing. Once we get a go-ahead from you, we then print the painting on an archival canvas. The printed canvas is framed and packed so that it reaches safely to you.

Right from sending us an image, to receiving a painting, it can take two weeks. So, if you are planning this painting as a surprise, plan it so that it reaches you on time. Planning in advance will give our artists sufficient time to create your painting. With the help of our excellent delivery partners, we are able to safely deliver these paintings to you.

Get your custom pet oil painting today!
Ordering your pet painting is very simple! You can call us on 9054719872, from 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM (Indian Standard Time) from Monday to Saturday. Alternatively, you can also message us on Instagram. Our team members will get back to you and assist you throughout this process.

You can visit our official social media handle by clicking here. Feel free to take a look at the work of our artists, by scrolling through our Instagram handle. You can also feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section. We absolutely love to hear from you. Remember the joy of receiving the pet paintings we talked earlier about? Visiting and following our social media handles will allow you to witness a few of these memorable moments! Come, join us to make this pet parenting experience memorable with a painting from Pawstro!