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Dog Pet Portraits – The best Fathers day gift for dog dads

By Pawstro | 15 Jun, 2021 in Dog Lover

Dog Pet Portraits – The best Fathers day gift for dog dads

This Father’s Day, Dog pet portraits by Pawstro can be a perfect gift for dog dads. Pets play a very important role in a family’s life. Even so, they are much more special for dog dads because men usually suppress and hide their emotions but when it comes to pets, their emotions flow boundlessly. From happy moments to joyous ones, from homes to tours, from sunny days to cold wintery nights, dog dads share beautiful memories with their pets. We remember days like mother’s day, birthdays and festivals but Father’s Day is often forgotten. It’s high time fathers and even dog dads get their dues for being tough on the outside always but being super emotional and soft at heart. Even if a man isn’t a father yet, having a dog or any pet makes them a lovable daddy already. A pet’s love for his/her dog dad is the purest form of love. We are sure, these pets have stayed tight by their daddy’s side through thick and thin, through challenging times to share the pain and through happy moments to celebrate the joys. With father’s day just around the corner, you might surely be wondering what could be a perfect gift for your friend, husband, brother or father. Your search ends right here.

A stunning piece of art
Art is always special to be given as a gift and when it is personalised it is like icing on the cake. Not only can it evoke beautiful emotions, it can also make the recipient feel emotional and grateful. A dog oil painting is a beautiful gift which symbolizes beautiful memories and is an amazing reminder of all beautiful moments that have been shared by dog dads and their furry child.

The perfect Gift
When giving a gift, we always look for unique ones. Dog pet portraits are one such unique gifting idea. It will stay with the dog dads for a long time and will make them smile every time they look at it. It is also a long-lasting gift. The life of our canvasses is more than 50 years and it is a high-quality archival canvas. Its maintenance is also very simple. If it ever gets dusty, all that one has to do is clean it with a damp cloth. These canvases are also waterproof and stay in their original condition for several years at a time. This long-lasting nature of these paintings keeps them valuable for a long long time.

Dog picture to painting
Every person who owns a pet is guilty of clicking too many pictures of them in too many different poses and places. These could be candid images or well-planned ones, in either case, they are all very cute. When you choose to give dog pet portraits to dog dads, choose one of these images from their gallery. It could be an individual picture of their dog or it could be an image of them and their dog together, whichever memory you feel is capable of bringing a smile to their face. If there is no picture that you can find worth getting painted, you can always choose to click one. It could be a candid moment or a posed one, whichever would make the dog dad happy.

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We love painting your portraits!
Imagine having a long day at work and when you come back, you see a wagging tail and loving eyes waiting for you with those pawdorable licks and jumps and all your lethargy and tiredness goes away in just one moment. Long cuddles and pats then follow. There is nothing purer and more joyous than this feeling and we are pretty sure that dog dads will be able to relate to this.
If we weren’t avid dog lovers, we would have never been able to make such stunning paintings. Every time we make dog pet portraits, we find ourselves the happiest. We love knowing the stories behind paintings, we love to know the fact that the painting being made is being planned as a surprise and we love to be a part of happy moments that proud pet parents and their friends & family share. Converting a dog picture to painting is not just work for us, it is an emotion. We have our own furry child, a labrador named Gilu and he walked with his furry legs right into our hearts. Being pet parents ourselves, we understand the emotions, the love, the bond that you share and the importance of your pawsome pal in your life. Every painting we make is a reflection of that. With each painting we make, we extend our furry family and every pet becomes a part of our family.

How it works
Getting a pet portrait made with Pawstro is pretty simple. All you have to do is click/choose a nice picture of the dog dad’s pet and share it with us on our Instagram handle or on You can also visit our website and place your order there easily.

We have 6 background colours available which you can choose from if the person you are gifting the portrait to has any specific choices related to colours or if you know what their favourite colour is. We never really have people choose these options, but we do offer three free revisions for your paintings. If there is a different background colour you’d prefer than the one we have chosen, you can always let us know. Before closing in on any painting, we always take your valuable feedback and implement it to make sure that each painting we make is loved and adored to the fullest. No compromises there!

We deliver pet portraits with free shipping for all pet portraits India and we deliver soft copies of the paintings for orders outside India. You can get these paintings printed on surfaces of your choice and surprise dog dads in unique ways this Father’s Day!