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Best Birthday Gifts for Pet Lovers

By Pawstro | 12 May, 2021 in Cat Lover, Dog Lover, Pet Love

Best Birthday Gifts for Pet Lovers

How fascinating it is to realise that our birthday is the day when we became a citizen of this planet? This day deserves a wholesome celebration reason being that you were introduced to your parents, friends, nature, creatures, art, food, music and the list can go on! Altogether, there is a different and very special feeling felt on this day. From your entire family getting together to celebrate it, to calls from friends you haven’t contacted for quite a while. It’s a day that will have everyone expressing warmth and good wishes, making it truly one’s own day.

Gifting has been a very traditional way of conveying our sincere thanks and love.

Now, when it comes to your friends, especially pet-loving friends’ birthdays, you might be confused yet thrilled to give them something very classy and worth cherishing. Well, If you’ve got a pet lover friend, consider yourself blessed! Selecting gifts for anyone seems like a daunting task, especially if you have very little idea of what they’re into. But as you already know your friend is an animal lover, you’re off to a good start to surprise them on their day!  To begin with, let us understand those pet lovers would instantly get happy when you will give them anything related to their own pet. Your friend and their pet definitely share a bond that goes deeper than friendship. Why not get a pet oil painting done for them?

Their little companion relies on your friend to survive, and at times, your friend may even rely on them to get through the day. Every day, when they come home, their cute pet brings an instant smile to their face!  with a tail wag, a meow, cuddles, or pure excitement, they make their love for absolutely anyone around them known.

You can go deeper by figuring out what kind of animal lover you are planning gifts for, not just talking about cat versus dog people here. Any kind of pet! The answer to this is, nothing makes a person feel more connected and gets them emotional as a personalized gift would do. This animal lover in your life will love whatever you get them, as long as it’s somehow related to—animals! So, to buy gifts for pet lovers, don’t overthink and stress over other options. Go ahead and get a customized gift for them and their pet pooch!

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While dog tags, beddings, chew toys can make your pet-loving pal extremely happy but a unique gift always stands out and remains memorable. So why not showcase just honour them with the abundance of love and pawsitivity that they throw around with their pets on their birthday?. Show them how much you care about and love their pet by getting them high-quality custom pet portraits.  Pawstro’s digital oil painting can really melt a pet lover’s heart. These paintings are perfect gifts for pet lovers with intricate strokes and a touch of love.

Want to know what sets custom pet portraits apart from the rest? Well, here are just a few reasons:

  • Whether they are still around or not, it will be a beautiful daily reminder of how much you love their pets and honour the love and joy they still bring to your friend.
  • They’re just so cute, what could make for better wall art than them?
  • Their friends and family will be wowed by how good their pet looks as artwork whenever they have a glimpse of it.
  • It will be entirely personal to them.
  • A pet oil painting is a thoughtful and sentimental gift.
  • Everybody is obsessed with their pets!
  • You will surely score brownie points with your friend for coming up with this truly one-of-a-kind gift!

Not only this, you can order a soft copy and get it printed on various surfaces or order a wrapped canvas that has a life of 40 years and has negligible maintenance. A pet lover is sure to fall in love with custom pet portraits by Pawstro at first sight!

You can use these soft copies to get it printed on the following as gifts for pet lovers:

  1. Customized pillows:  These are cozy, soft, and a guaranteed gift-giving win, thanks to those irresistibly cute pet faces on them.
  2. Mugs: You can get a mug designed that features pet prints, faces. Your pet-owning friends can always cherish sweet old memories with their dearest pet whenever they are alone, sipping on some coffee or proudly make their pet a centric part of a conversation while having someone over by its glimpse.
  3. Customised T-shirts: Here’s the perfect excuse to make a pet lover proudly own a customised t-shirt of their pet pals. Get a soft copy of their digital painting which can make up for a cool T-shirt print!
  4. Mobile Covers: Here’s another functional gift your friend can use. . You can get their pet portrait printed on a mobile cover so that whenever and wherever they go, they get a feeling of carrying their pets along.

Such gifts for pet lovers will definitely make their day more special. To easily get such a pet painting done, you don’t have to worry about the art or the quality, simply leave it to Pawstro.

All you have to do is pick the most admiring picture of the friend with their pet (HD image) and send it to us. You can do this through our social media handles on Instagram or Facebook (@pawstroofficial), or by sending an email to us at You can also reach out to us on 9054719872 and place your order.

Our pet portraits on canvas have a standard size range of 12” x 14’. You can also avail up to 3 free revisions in the portrait. The file will be available either in PNG or JPEG format. Our pet portraits are presented to you on an “archival canvas” which is rolled neatly and delivered to you. Time for you to give a close and captured memory to your pet parent friend, right in front of their eyes as the reminder of a purrfect friend being there with them always. Grab your personalized pet portrait now! Come join us together in our journey of painting memories, affection, happiness, love and elegance with a pet portrait.