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Print Pawstro’s Pet Oil Painting on a Surface Of Your Choice

By Pawstro | 30 Apr, 2021 in Pet Painting

Print Pawstro’s Pet Oil Painting on a Surface Of Your Choice

The love that pet parents have for their pets is immeasurable and often, difficult to put into words. And we say, why not? Pets love their parents unconditionally. They are loyal, they always care, they are always around and nothing makes them happier than seeing their pet parents after a long day. Their wagging tails, their drooling faces, their hippity hops and their fuzzy cuddles, are all a testament to their love and with all this, they make their parents fall head over heels for them. Often, pet parents run out of ideas as to how they can express their love for their pets. Fret not, we’re here to help! A pet oil painting by Pawstro is a great way to celebrate the bond that you share with your pooch. While we provide 2 options- a soft copy and a framed canvas, if you choose the soft copy pet portraits you can always explore many options to get these paintings printed on various surfaces.


Frames are the best way to turn your plain walls into a wall of exciting and joyous memories. The pet paintings from the photos that we provide are high-resolution versions. You can go to your nearest printer, look for a material called an ‘archival’ canvas. Once you have this painting printed, you can get it framed with a glass frame or choose to have it gallery wrapped on a wooden frame. Pair this pet oil painting on a wall with a few photos of you and your pet together and set up your pet’s bed or food and water bowls by the wall and you can have yourself your cute little happy corner.


Imagine the first thing that you see in the morning is your pet snuggled on your lap and a mug that has his adorable painting by your bedside. Every sip of that coffee or tea will be something that you cherish every morning or everytime that you have your beverage of choice. You can also keep this mug with the pet oil painting at your workplace. It will remind you of your furry mate, their wagging tail and the way they make you feel everytime you look into their eyes. All you have to do is approach your nearest printer who provides custom mugs. You can also choose the colour of the mug that goes in beautiful contrast with your pet portraits and have yourself a masterpiece!

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Your desk can be your happy place with 12 different images with your pet in a calendar and the cover image of that being a beautiful painting. You can write nice quotes about the bond that you share with your pet and that will bring a beautiful smile on your face everytime you turn a page and enter a new month. Not only this, you can also have a diary custom printed with the dog painting on the cover page.

Mobile Phone Cases

Mobile phones, today, have become an integral part of our daily lives. Be it aimlessly scrolling through social media or just getting on important calls, Mobile phones are by our side all day everyday. Imagine having a painting of your pet on the mobile phone case and getting the privilege of looking at it many times in the day and feeling that little tickle in your heart born out of pet love. There are several websites as well as mobile stores that provide this facility of getting pet portraits printed on mobile cases. Get a digital oil painting from Pawstro today and print it on a mobile case.

Pillow Covers and Quilts

Dogs are fluffy, goofy little furballs that love to snuggle and cuddle. No matter how amazing their own bed that you bought especially for them is, their favourite place to sleep is beside you on your bed. Imagine having a cushion or a pillow cover or better so, a quilt which has a dog painting that will make sure you and your pet would enjoy the snuggle even more!


There’s nothing like wearing a pet oil painting on your t-shirt, right next to your heart.

With Pawstro’s portraits, you can wear your painting on your favourite T-shirt by getting it printed with your nearest cloth shop or painter. Pair it up with your favourite pair of jeans and you are good to go trendy on a bright summer day.

Pawstro’s custom pet oil painting is a great way to explore various options to show love for your pet. Depending on your choices and preferences, you can choose the photo that you wish to get painted, the background colour that you prefer and also the surface that you print it on. No matter which choice you make, these paintings are bound to bring a smile on your face everytime you see them. The process is also quite simple. Our process is simple. We don’t ask for a lot because the one who we gladly wish should keep high expectations here, is you! Our happiness lies in bringing a smile on your face. Choose the most adorable picture of your pet, it can also be a picture clicked from your smartphone as long as the camera, resolution and lighting in the photo is ideal. Share this picture with us, make the payment online on our website with the 100% secured payment gateway and that’s it! Fasten your seatbelts as our artist will get going to create the most beautiful painting of your pet and you will receive it in 48 hours! Not just that, we also order 3 free revisions on your painting and once you say okay, we will share the high-resolution file with you via email.

What next? You have a series of options to choose from the list above and we say why choose just one? With just one painting you can have multiple options by selecting various surfaces.

We love spreading smiles amongst pet owners. So if you are a pet parent yourself, or have a friend who is one, you know which is the best gift for them- a memory that they will cherish forever.