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Gifts for Cat Lovers: How to make their day special?

By Pawstro | 20 Apr, 2021 in Cat Lover

Gifts for Cat Lovers: How to make their day special?

Our furry mates are those blessings which fill up the empty space within ourselves and also around us. Bringing much more to our routine lives is what their role is like. The joy of having them is best understood by a person who proudly owns them. Owning a pet means having certain emotions scattered around you. Definitely lifting the aura thereby. To reciprocate, we pour all our positive feelings on to them, all what they deserve. Also, we owe a treat to our fellow pet parents who go the extra mile to make us happy with their furry mate. Are you looking forward to surprise and get some gifts for cat lovers? Here you go.

ATTENTION! This can make you go and adopt a kitty right away!
Have you come across a cool, elegant yet sly creature who rules homes with their true nature of being elegant and clean? Needless to say, cats win the hearts of their lovers just by being more independent, the one who needs less attention than other pets. If cats are pampered rightly, they win an underlying loyalty along with a package of more love and kisses than imagined. Cat parents are aware that their felines are very much affectionate towards them than to any other stranger who would come and like to pet them. It takes a while for them to be socially comfortable. So next time if you feel like taking along gifts for cat lovers, make sure you follow these tips and take baby steps in befriending their cute kitty!

  1. It takes a lot of time to gain a cat’s trust, unlike a dog, a lot of effort will definitely be worth it. Take as long as you feel it needs!
  2. If the cat observes that you are the one feeding them and that you approach them slowly and calmly, they will not take any long to be your mate.
  3. Don’t play loud music or TV, they are sensitive to noise
  4. Pamper them with new toys, brush and massage them gradually. They will surely come back to you and could also let you touch their belly next time, which means yay! You have accomplished your goal of Cat friendship. An emotional showcase of gifts for cat lovers.
  5. Don’t forget to give them their space when needed, give them a treat or tasty cat food timely to gain their attention.

When you surpass all these challenges, you will realise how blissful it feels to have a cat quietly come and sit on your lap. Play with them, curl up and spend a  purrfect time together. You will hence realise how this unbreakable love your cat parent pal is sustained, cuddled in with coziness, warmth and silence.

Another creative and moral way of getting gifts for cat lovers which would drop their jaws down is by curating a mesmerizing and something pet centric. Gift them with something which they might have never thought of, a non cliche and a unique piece of pet art!! A pet painting ! A digital one! Curious about knowing the process, the end result and the reliability that it would have?  We at Pawstro, will answer all your questions. Digital painting is introduced to bridge the gap between traditional and modern day painting, it is mess-free and editable. The realism is seen vividly. Since the world is digitally driven now, why not go for a digitally hand drawn gift? It is delivered to you in just 48 hours with no damage such as paint stains.

We bring to you digitally crafted portraits as one of the best gifts for cat lovers across. An intimate medium of making special moments of a cat owner come together with their cute kitty. Imagine the reaction of them when they see the pawsome pet portrait. This thoughtful way to present a stylish art for your pal’s pet will in turn make them look back at their dearest family member, the one which surprisingly teaches a lot more about humanity. Thinking of showing this gesture for an occasion? Well, if everyday is a cat day for their owners why not get it done today! A pet oil painting is an ideal and a proud display for them. Give us a chance to put our best strokes with the help of our specialized artists who don’t just use mere softwares but showcase their craft through unmatched detailings, finishing and putting life in your digital pet oil painting. Our digital magic stroke is definitely going to be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for your loved ones. You have our word, for we understand that pets have conquered every challenge at home by being on your side. This way of expressing the joyous story would bring a great sense of honour.

All you have to do is pick the most admiring picture of the pet (HD image) and send it to us. You can do this through our social media handles on Instagram or Facebook (@pawstroofficial), or by sending an email to us at You can also reach out to us on 90547 19872 and place your order. Our pet portraits have a standard size range of 12” x 14’. You can also avail upto 3 free revisions in the portrait. The file will be available either in PNG or JPEG format, you decide! We assure you value for money but if you are not satisfied with it (most unlikely to happen) you will get back a 100% refund! Looks like worth taking a chance for, isn’t it? These pet portraits are presented to you on archival canvas which is rolled neatly and delivered to you. The printed forms of these ‘not so basic’ gifts, can be best used on mugs, t-shirts, puzzles, frames, phone covers, pillow covers too! Time for you to give a close and captured memory to your pet parent friend, right in front of their eyes as the reminder of a purrfect friend being there with them always. Let’s seal the deal! Come join us together in our journey of painting memories, affection, happiness, love and elegance with these custom pet portraits.