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Pet Memorial Painting: A timeless way to memorialize our companions

By Pawstro | 28 Jul, 2021 in Cat Lover, Dog Lover, Pet Love, Pet Painting

Pet Memorial Painting: A timeless way to memorialize our companions

Remember those never-ending tail waggings of your lovely pup or the miniature claws of your kitten that often leaves unintentional scars? Our pets bring joy to our lives in different ways. We develop affection with our pets and the bond is rooted in love. While we enjoy every moment with our pets, the sad and hard truth of getting a pet is that they leave us someday and we are destined to live without them for the rest of our lives. This perhaps is the only sad part of getting a pet. While we enjoy every moment living with our pets, saying goodbyes is a difficult thing & talking about those is a bit difficult as well. What matters the most is how we are going to remember our pets. This article is an attempt to explain how we can memorialize our companions with a pet memorial painting.

They only brought pure happiness
Right from getting your pet to taking them to the vet and looking after them, there are many memories that you have made. Your pets have given you small moments of joy every day. Hiding in the corners on the bath day or doing dramas to get your attention, there are moments that we can’t forget. Your pets are not only attached emotionally to you but to every other member of your family. It’s very likely that you have a collection of their pictures with you. Taking a look at these pictures is an unmatched feeling. You should cherish these memories in your heart & remember your pets for the happiness they brought to your life.

Pet digital portrait to cherish moments of joy
So, what do you do when you miss your pets? Probably take a look at your picture collection or discuss their special memories with your parents, siblings or friends? How amazing it would be if you could have your beloved pets right in front of your eyes. Photographs are great but what if you have something that can bring back those memories with vibrant colours. There is an art form that can serve this purpose for you. It’s known as digital oil paintings. With a pet memorial painting, you can eternalize the memories of your beloved pets. A painting is different from a photograph in many ways. While the photograph captures the moment, a painting turns the moment into a timeless souvenir. So, when you have this pet painting, placed on your favourite wall, it will keep reminding you about the beautiful bond that you shared with your pet. Let’s know more about these pet portraits.

Why pet portraits?
You may wonder what makes pet portraits so special. Well, there are many reasons and the most important of them all is that these paintings put the choice in your hand. You get to choose your favourite pet memory that our artists convert into a painting. Secondly, you have the option of including your pet’s name in your pet memorial painting. Thus, whoever takes a look at these paintings, will know who once ruled and guarded this place. Now let’s understand the process of getting these paintings.

A perfect tribute to your loved pet
As long as your pets are with you they never fail to amaze you with their love. It’s important to understand that they never stopped loving you even though they are not around. Feeling sad after their demise is very natural, but we have to accept this truth. While you do this and settle yourself, you have to be thankful to your pets for their time in your life. Keeping them alive in your hearts is the best tribute that you can give to your pets. Cherishing their memories with a pet digital portrait can be one way to do it. It is a gift that you can give to your beloved pets, paying a perfect tribute to their memory.

Ordering your pet portrait painting from us
To order your digital pet painting, you can simply visit our website, upload your picture and get your pet portrait within 48 hours (the softcopy). You can then get it printed from a printer near you. We also get the painting from us that is printed on archival canvas. This may take several days to deliver depending upon your location. With our delivery partners, we try our best to get pet paintings delivered to you at the earliest.

Pawstro – spreading love across the globe
Pawstro is amongst one of the top choices when it comes to creating pet paintings all over the world. So far our pet portraits have reached India, the USA, Israel, Germany, UK, Qatar & UAE. This is a testament to the work put together by our artists. We offer a range of pet portraits that you can choose from. These are Name Frames, Theme Portraits & Master Portraits. You can take a quick look through our paintings & find an option that you love the most. It doesn’t matter if you are a pet parent yourself, or you are looking for a gift for your friends who have pets. These paintings can be a gift that can stand out. All you need is a photograph. Just upload it on our website & leave the rest with us.

We have made it very easy for you to browse through your options while booking your painting with us. You can decide the theme of your theme portrait or you can choose a background colour of your choice. To discuss any possible opportunities, you can reach out to us by filling the form

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