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Digital Pet Portraits: A unique gift for your pet lover friend this Friendship’s Day

By Pawstro | 21 Jul, 2021 in Pet Painting

Digital Pet Portraits: A unique gift for your pet lover friend this Friendship’s Day

Friendship day is just around the corner and we have the perfect gift idea for your pet lover friend, digital pet portraits. Friendship is the most cherished relationship that we have in our lives. Come sun or come rain, happy days or sad ones, our friends are always there for us. We share most of our joys and sorrows with them. They start as strangers but we are slowly drawn towards them and they become a part of our families. From keeping secrets to sharing gossip, friends become an integral part of our lives. While we keep expressing our love for them all around the year, friendship day is one amazing occasion to pamper your friends. A thoughtful gift for your friends is a great way to express how much they mean to you without having to speak a single word. A gift that can bring up beautiful memories and a gift that can be cherished for many many years to come.

Friendship Gifts
Friendships and gifts go hand in hand. Be it their birthday, the day you first met, the anniversary of the first trip you took, special occasions in their lives or friendship day, we just keep finding the smallest of excuses to really give them gifts and shower them with love. Every time you look for a gift, you are captivated by the thought of doing something special, something different, something unique and something new. This is exactly why a custom pet oil painting can be an amazing pick for you. It is easy to get one made with Pawstro, read further to know about 3 different categories that you can choose from and the process that we follow.

Love for pets
If your friend is a pet parent and is always on the hunt to get good gifts for their pets, you can give them something unique that they’ve never had before. All you have to do is select a beautiful picture of their pet from their gallery or simply click one yourself whenever you meet the pet. A picture, even clicked from a smartphone, albeit of good quality, can easily work. All you have to take care of is that the face of the pet is clearly visible. You can then share this picture with us and get a beautiful digital oil painting made from it.

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Master Pet Oil Painting from photos
We at Pawstro make beautiful digital pet portraits of your pets. We have 3 categories available in these paintings. You can select the ones that you like the most. Under master portraits, we have 6 background options that you can choose from. In master portraits, the backgrounds are painted and they look gorgeous when printed on an archival canvas and framed around a wooden frame in a neat Gallery Wrap. These are our bestseller paintings and also one of our flagship ranges.

Name Portraits by Pawstro
We recently launched a new category in our digital pet portraits, called Name Portraits. These come in 9 vibrant colours, namely, cobalt blue, cream, dense black, light green, light grey, light pink, light yellow, sea blue and super white. Blended with quirky fonts to write your pet’s name, these name portraits will be love at first sight for your friend. Choose the colour that matches your friend’s pet’s personality or one that is your friend’s favourite and you’ll give them a gift that they will love for life.

Theme Portraits by Pawstro
Another category that you will totally love is theme portraits. In these pet oil paintings from photos, we have reimagined pets as heroes. You can get a framed canvas for the pet painted as a gentleman, astronaut, biker, cowboy, cricket player, doctor, footballer, hockey player, cowboy, hunter, king, lawyer, nurse, police officer, queen, tennis player. You can select the option that you feel best to make your friend have a hearty laugh upon seeing.

Beautiful portraits by Experienced artists
The artists at Pawstro have more than 15 years of experience making digital pet portraits. Another factor that matters is that they are pet lovers or pet parents themselves. This is why every painting they make is like painting a family member. We treat your pets and paint them as if our own, which makes them give stunning results. We know that, without a doubt, you will love the paintings and so will your friend. All we need is a beautiful picture that we can paint. In every piece of art that we create, precision, perfection wrapped with love remain the highlights. Do you know why? It is because we see ‘Gilu’ in every painting we make. ‘Gilu’ is our pet baby and he has redefined love for us. We know how valuable your memories are, we know how special a gift for your friend is, which is why we make paintings that can immortalize love forever. Be it a dog painting or a painting of any pet, we love them all alike! We give you art that you and your furry bub’s love deserve!

Friendships are special and the gifts for friendships should be too. Perfumes, flowers, cards are all obsolete gifts that only last a few days. Even a dinner or a movie is something you can do any other day. A painting is a timeless piece of art. Pawstro is one of the most loved brands for pet portraits India. Getting in touch with us is simple, all you have to do is connect over Instagram or over a call and send us your pet’s picture. We take 2 days to make your painting after which we send it to you for approval. You can suggest any changes if needed and then we will print the painting on a high-quality archival canvas and ship it to you. We ship all across India and the shipping usually takes 2-5 days of time depending on the location you are based in. It is best to plan your friendship’s day gift at least a week in advance to make sure it reaches you well in time and you can give the surprise to your friend on the day you have planned.