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12 ways to make International Cat Day awesome! (#5 is a must know)

By Pawstro | 04 Aug, 2021 in Cat Lover

12 ways to make International Cat Day awesome! (#5 is a must know)

International Cat Day will be celebrated on the 8th of August. If you are a cat parent then this day is special for you. Having a day dedicated to the appreciation of your pet is indeed fascinating. So what are your plans for this special day? How will you be celebrating this special day? Well, if you haven’t planned anything yet then wake up. It’s time to plan a special surprise for your cat. Here are 12 ways in which you can celebrate this special day. No matter what you do, your cat won’t remember it. So you can make this day memorable for yourself.

1. Give your cat a well-deserved fish
Cats just love ocean fishes and what’s better than the treat of a fish (cat food) on International Cat Day! Find a good & reliable brand that offers good quality fish & just order it right away for your beloved cat. By now you must be aware of her likes and dislikes, so make sure you order one that she likes

2. Take your cat out to the park
So, it is a fact that your cat spends most of her time inside the house. While there is no complaint, you should remember that everyone likes a breeze of fresh air. You can think of taking your cat to the nearest park. If you have trained her well to wear a harness and leash, this is going to be fairly simple for you.

3. That much-awaited bath
Haha. So your cat is as lazy as you? Well, International Cat Day can be a perfect occasion to break this chain of non-bathing movements. Take some time out to gather your cat’s favourite body wash, shampoo & conditioner and just wash her. She might hate you temporarily but she will definitely thank you in the long run.

4. Click some memorable pictures
After a rapid cleaning session, how about some quick selfies or some cool pictures? The day is a great occasion and there are plenty of hashtags waiting for you on Instagram. So, ask if she can pose for a few pictures. If she refuses, candids are all you can hope for. Either way, some pictures are a great idea for this International Cat Day.

5. Order a digital painting
If you want to make this day memorable for you, then there is a way to cherish it forever. All you have to do is visit us at and check out a gift called digital pet painting. You do have a collection of your pet paintings. We convert those pictures into timeless digital pet portraits that you can place on your favourite walls, desks etc. This can be a great way of cherishing the special bond that you share with your cat. Choose a picture of your choice & leave the rest with us.

6. Video call to overseas cat parents
Well, if you are a part of any global cat communities, and know some cat parents from another country, you can plan a video call with them. You do have to keep in mind the time zones though. Well, your cats might not be interested in interacting with each other, however, you can definitely exchange some thoughts, new updates that can add value to your everyday life.

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7. Get a new collar tag
Does your cat have a collar tag? Is it in good condition? Well, if you think there is a need for a new collar tag, it can be a great gift for your cat. This International Cat Day, your cat can get a new, metal engraved collar tag. It’s a gift that will stay with your cat for a really long time. Collar tags are helpful, as they play a crucial role in identifying, tracing back your cat in case of emergency. So, it’s something which we definitely want you to think about.

8. A New Hygiene Tray
Let’s talk about something that’s less discussed. A hygiene tray is an everyday use item for your cat. It needs to be very suitable for your cat. If your old hygiene tray is old enough and needs replacement, you may consider buying a new one immediately. We think you can opt for high-quality plastic trays with a rubber grip at the bottom. You can also check some new & updated variants that have hit the market in recent times.

9. Gift her a new Hair Comb
How often do you comb your cat’s hair? Every day, right. So, a good hair comb is a must-have for every cat parent. You can invest in an ergonomic hair comb that can make combing an enjoyable experience for your cat. So, next time you take a comb in your hand, your cat shall come happily without showing any mood swings.

10. A pat on the back
Since how long you have been parenting your cat? Long enough, right? So, she must be loving you very much. If you are among those fortunate cat parents, who can take their cat in their lap and caress her, it’s time to give a pat on her back. After the arrival of a cat in your life, you have only been happier. So, this can be a great way to thank & show some appreciation.

11. Name Frame for Your Cat
Well, the saga of digital pet portraits is not yet over. At Pawstro, we also have one cuter option of having a name frame for your cat. So, on the digital portrait of your cat, you also get your cat’s name. So, whoever sees it, knows who is the real guardian of your place. Name frames are available in different background colour options & you can pick the one you like the most.

12. Some Fun Elements
You can also check our theme portraits series and opt for a theme that you like. Be it a biker or an astronaut, the fun is just getting started with our theme portraits.

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