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160 Popular Male Dog Names – Including Indian Dog Names

By Pawstro | 13 Oct, 2021 in Dog Lover

160 Popular Male Dog Names – Including Indian Dog Names

Welcoming the newest member of the pack & ready to spoil him with all the love? While finding cozy bedding, smart dog tags & a soft collar for your cute little pup is easy, hunting for a good name can be tricky. Why so, you may ask. Though Shakespeare has said, “What’s in a name?”, a name is where everything starts. You will be calling your pup with a name near and dear to you & it will be his identity. So if finding a perfect name builds some pressure on you, then it’s natural. However, you don’t have to worry when you have a naming guide with a set of 500 names to start up with including male dog names.

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Once you are done with the initial shopping of goodies for your pup, you can get back to the naming business. Whether you are looking for an Indian dog name or an English one, our collection of dog names will give you a headstart. While you go through this list of names, you can get a slight idea of the name that you are looking for.

So let’s get started with these male dog names.

Ace Alex
Arjun Aadi
Austin Arrow
Bailey Bear
Bullet Bruno
Bumpy Bow
Buddy Bagel
Bubbles Bogo
Champ Charlie
Chintu Chitti
Coco Cruise
Chase Chips
Chikoo Cheeto
Danny Dodo
Daniel Davis
Dido Doodle
Diva Diesel
Eddie Earl
Edison Edwin
Fluffy Floppy
Fido Flash
Floyd Frodo
George Ghost
Gattu Gabbar
Hamilton Hank
Haddi Hunter
Ivan Ian
Indra Ives
Jack Joy
Jadu Jian
Jonty Jimmy
Jojo Junior
Kane King
Kaju Krrish
Kiwi Kalu
Kalhua Kenzo
Leo Loki
Lucky Laalu
Leblon Lama
Mac Mickey
Max Mario
Mango Mojo
Muffin Marzipan
Mellow Mocha
Miles Milo
Nico Noah
Nawab Nandu
Oscar Oliver
Oreo Ollie
Peanut Pogo
Paneer Prince
Patch Pluto
Pooch Pooh
Quinton Quin
Ranger Ralph
Rambo Ricky
Richard Rider
Ringo Romeo
Rocky Raja
Rock Richie
Shiro Shakti
Snorkie Scotch
Snowy Sandi
Simba Scooter
Snoopy Shadow
Sam Sheldon
Scooby Sheru
Teddy Toby
Teja Tyson
Tiger Tukie
Thor Tom
Uno Urie
Victor Vince
Vinnie Veer
Woofer Walter
Woody William
Yogi Yama
Zane Ziggy
Zack Zorro
Zyan Zorawar

We hope you liked the article. Let us know which name you liked the most.