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How to get creative with Pet Portraits

By Pawstro | 21 Jun, 2021 in Pet Painting

How to get creative with Pet Portraits

Having a pet is no less than having a child that needs constant attention, pampering and constant care. But what you get in return is beyond words. Love, loyalty and companionship cannot be compared to anything else in the world. When we paint pet portraits at Pawstro, we understand that the pet parents or the friends who are gifting these paintings to their friends surely wish to express their love for their pets and why not! They deserve all the love in return for the selflessness they love. Spending moments with your pets is in itself no less than a therapeutic experience. They are always there for you, the way they jump with joy on seeing you is inexplicable and the way they stick by your side through your worst and your best is simply the purest form of love anyone can ever have.

Pawstro offers two options to pet lovers. You can get pet paintings from photos in either a soft copy or a framed canvas. When you get a soft copy, you have several options to get it printed on surfaces such as a cushion cover, a mobile case, a T-shirt or a mug. A framed canvas can be the most valuable piece of art at your home. It beautifully captures the beautiful personality of your pet.

While people often think that digital oil paintings just mean adding a layer of photoshop to the photo, it requires equal effort as an actual painting if not more.

Pet oil Paintings made perfect by Pawstro
We at Pawstro take several important factors into consideration while painting your pet portraits. It is very crucial to take care of the placement of the face in the painting. The face has to be about 7-8 inches long and has to be in the centre of the painting. It is also very essential to ensure that proper breathing space is left on all four sides of the painting. Painting is an art, be it digital or hand-painted portraits, both require expertise and an artist’s eye for them to look beautiful and to exceed your expectations.

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Apart from painting the perfect portrait, the backgrounds matter as well. We offer 9 different background colours ranging from conventional black, white, grey, brown, to contemporary blue, green and pink. We pick the background colours according to the ones that look the best with your pet. We also have an option for you to choose a particular background colour that you might love or you think goes well with your decor. Either way, all we want is for your pet portraits to look absolutely stunning!

When you choose to opt for the framed canvas, we choose the most high-quality canvas that is available, archival canvas. We frame the paintings neatly on a wooden frame and staple it at the back, firmly fixed with the wooden frame. We then also attach a thread to the wooden frame to make it easy for you to hang the painting on a wall. Our wooden frames are sturdy and durable. The canvas that we use remains as good as new for 20-25 years. Maintaining it is pretty simple as well. All you have to do is wipe it with a damp cloth whenever it gets dusty. At Pawstro, your order is not just order for us, it is a privilege for us to be a part of the bond that you and your pet share and we always look forward to celebrating that bond with our custom pet portraits.

Clicking beautiful pictures for pet portraits
A simple picture with your pet sitting can definitely turn out to be a good picture but there are several ways in which you can make your painting even more interesting by capturing unusual pictures.

  • Accessorise them up: You can always add collar tags or belts on your pet’s next to make the paintings more beautiful.
  • Clothes can do the magic: You can make them wear T-shirts or beautiful woollens for the paintings to look prettier
  • Ever tried a hat?: We didn’t know paintings with hats can look absolutely adorable until we made one of a Golden retriever
  • Go costume shopping- There are many pet shops that sell cute cartoon costumes for your pets. Pictures, where your pets are adorned in this cute clothing, will look absolutely adorable.

Another great way to click happy pictures of your pet is to give them some toys to play with. Them being their most happy self will definitely give you adorable pictures of them caught in action.

You can also take your pets out for a walk and click some pictures in great light. You can play fetch with them and even click a great picture of them in motion. Although it is essential to have a great camera for this.

If you are just at home, wanting to click a nice picture of your pet, you just have to look for a place that has good lighting. This will enhance the quality of your pet oil painting. You need not worry about any background clutter or elements that might be captured in the frame since we make sure all those are removed and we only focus on your pet’s face when we make your paintings.

Capture the details
Click pictures that capture the details like your cat’s whiskers or your dog’s expressive eyes. Better and clearer the picture better will be the painting. At Pawstro, our priority is to capture your dog’s personality as it is. Goofy, adorable, playful and fun-loving, that is exactly what you should be looking at when you see our pet portraits.

When we make paintings, we treat each dog as if our own. We at Pawstro have our own fur baby named Gilu and whenever we paint any of your dogs, we just feel as if Gilu has made some new friends and our pet family gets extended with each painting.

At Pawstro, we understand the emotion, the connection and the bond you share with your pet. This is why we make sure we put our heart and soul into each of the custom oil portraits.