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Pet Portrait Painting from Photos by Pawstro (Before & After)

By Pawstro | 09 Jul, 2021 in Pet Painting

Pet Portrait Painting from Photos by Pawstro (Before & After)

Pet portrait painting from photos is a big hit among pet parents all over the world. There is a lot of buzz around this topic and it’s natural to get curious when everyone is talking about the same. So, here we are explaining to you the pet portraits with this article. Be with us throughout till the end every curiosity that you have about a pet portrait will be answered.

Treasuring Memories, Cherishing Moments!
The most amazing thing about being a pet parent is the countless memories of joy that your pets bring to your life and make you happy. For every pet parent, there are infinite memories of their pets, which they would love to cherish forever. Pictures clicked in day to life are a great way of treasuring these memories. However, there are some memories that are special and deserve a special place. These are the memories that you wish to have right in front of your eyes. A pet oil painting created from your favorite photographs helps you do just that. Take a close look at the following portrait.

How do you find the transformation of this cutie from a picture to a painting? This is the magic that our artists create. Right from helping you in finalizing a perfect picture of your pet, to selecting a suitable background & then creating a stunning portrait of your pet, everything that they do is flawless. They pay close attention to the intricate details such as expressions of your pet, lighting, colors, etc. Be it a goofball puppy or a cat with majestic fur, our artists never fail to seize the beauty of your pet while creating a pet portrait painting from photos. Did we tell you for whom we created this painting? Visit our Instagram handle – Pawstro Official – to find out! You will be surprised to know for sure.

Oreo – The Goofball

Oreo- the goofball is one of the coolest pups that we have painted so far. Our artists recreated the original image of Oreo into a painting. The painting is very soft and appears elegant. The colors of Oreo’s accessories are retained as it is, while our artists made sure the eyes are visible in the painting. We also added the name Oreo to his tag. The random background in the image is replaced by a solid textured feel that compliments the overall painting. The colors, feel and strokes in this painting have enhanced the beauty of Oreo.

This painting is one of our latest digital pet portraits & it has seen a flood of compliments. Everyone among the receiver’s friends-family & Pawstro community loved it. Needless to say, the painting has landed in a very special place in the receiver’s house. Everyone, who takes a look at this painting, ends up feeling joyous and brings a smile to their face.

Not sure about the quality of the picture? Leave it up to us
While getting pet portrait painting from photos, you may worry about the picture quality, but you need not be! Take a look at the following picture & the final painting!

We understand that the pictures clicked by you are often taken with cellphone cameras & the image quality may vary depending upon the cameras of your smartphones. Our artists, with their years of experience, turn those images (sometimes even the broken & blurry images) into stunning pieces of art. Every painting retains the soul & essence of its original picture. However, our artists use their expertise to enhance the natural beauty of every painting and eliminate any irregularities with their additions to the artwork. Thus, when you see any of our paintings, you will realize the amount of attention to detail & thought that has gone into those.

Into the fascinating world of digital pet portraits!
So, you loved the world of digital artwork & you are planning to get a pet portrait for yourself? We at Pawstro create pet stories & to do the same, we have chosen a medium of digital paintings. Contrary to a popular misconception, digital paintings aren’t – the filter applied to a picture. Our artists redraw & then create the painting & it may take several hours of work to finish each project.

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Every project is unique and brings a different story in front of us. We are fortunate that we get to be a part of these amazing pet stories in some way. However, our connection with our clients – the pet parents or admirers simply doesn’t end after the completion of a painting. With every painting that we create, the pet parents and pets become a part of our ever-growing Pawstro community.

A gift to cherish!
If you know any pet parents & are thinking about giving them a gift that can touch their heart, pet portrait painting can be a great one. Highlighting their love for their pet, this painting can make them feel special. It will also remind them that you have actually put some thought into finalizing a gift for them. They will cherish this gift for a really long time.

Want to order a pet painting? Visit us!
To order your pet paintings, you can visit our site. Select your preferences, upload a picture of your pet and that’s it. After processing your payment, our team will get back to you at the earliest. With our delivery partners, we ensure that your paintings are delivered to you on time. When it comes to pet portraits India, Pawstro is one of the first names that come to the mind of every pet parent. We have created & sent soft copies of pet portraits to clients in the USA & Israel. So, if you are a pet parent from a different corner of the world, feel free to reach out to use for your pet paintings. Our team of expert artists.

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