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Bring out lifelike appearance of your Pet with Pet Paintings

By Pawstro | 13 Aug, 2021 in Cat Lover, Dog Lover, Pet Love, Pet Painting

Bring out lifelike appearance of your Pet with Pet Paintings

We humans have so much to cope with in our day-to-day lives. It involves getting a perfect hands-on professional as well as personal tasks. Sometimes, we feel the need of having someone, to just be there, listen to you and make you feel excited about each repeated passing day. The statement, “A dog is man’s best friend”, hence makes sense! With a pet around, all your struggles will be made easier to deal with. Just a sight of them running towards you, waiting on the doors for you will light up your mood. Pets give their owners so much. They give them immense love, care, attention, daily adventures and the coziest cuddles. It is also said that children who grow with pets are likely to be more caring, kind and responsible when they turn into adults. Especially, when a child has no brothers or sisters, research shows that pets can be of great benefit to develop greater empathy, increased self-esteem, and raised participation in many socio-physical activities. If your dear pet is no longer around you, you can try to still have them around with the help of pet paintings. Hanging dog pet portraits around your walls can make you feel lighter and happier that they are still present with you.

The list can go on when it comes to knowing the benefits of a pet, so here are a few points to help you understand this cute relation better:

  1. Social Well-Being: It is said that pet people gel up well socially. They have a great empathic attitude towards others and are able to bestow positive feelings to the pets as well as other humans. Having a pet widens their perspective on life and they like sharing their bundle of happiness and joy with people around them. They know how magical it is to just have a fur-ball to play with. Also, since owning a dog involves taking them around for a walk, it increases your physical activity and helps you become more of an extrovert. When you are not around your pooch, you can opt in to put a pet digital portrait on your wall, as a frame or get it printed on your mugs or sheets. This can spark a healthy and instant conversation between you and your guests whom you would like to call over. This way, you can connect deeply and say goodbye to awkward silences at home.
  2. Immediate Joy: If you had a chance to witness a pet owner, you must have seen how their pets instantly shift their blues to laughter! If you know somebody or are someone who lost your beloved pet or currently stay far away from them and miss them being the center of attraction, you can opt-in for a pet digital portrait and feel them just as usual.
  3. Improved Mental Health: Pets are very strong when it comes to sensing your emotional well-being, they can interpret your tone, body language and gestures and then straight away look into your eyes to see if you are actually okay or not! They will come and sit beside you, try to cuddle with you, lick you and run around you to cheer you up and lift that frown to a huge smile. In this way, they reduce stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness and encourage exercise and playfulness. Just their soft and delicate touch can make you feel secure, calm you down and soothe you. This happens because their touch releases dopamine and serotonin, the hormones that are responsible for making you happy and relaxed.

Your pooch deserves a lot for changing your lives positively. Honestly, any care, attention or love that you would give them, would not be able to compensate for what all they have given you. But still, you can show or make little gestures to thank them. With Pawstro, you can turn your “master-peace” into a “masterpiece”. We promise that our pet paintings will justify all the respect and love that you carry for your furry friend. Below are the steps that we follow:

  • Firstly, you are supposed to send the HD copy of your image to us via e-mail or our compatible website uploader. The image should be in the format of JPEG, TIFF or PNG and it is preferred that the file should be greater than 1 MB file size or in 3000 pixels and the resolution should be 300 pixels/inch. You can upload files up to 100 MB through our website uploader, we will provide you with our FTP site.


  • You can do this through our social media handles on Instagram or Facebook (@pawstroofficial), or by sending an email to us at You can also reach out to us on +91 9054719872 and place your order. We also have a team of experts to reduce the pixelation before starting the digital pet art.
  • Once you send us your pooch’s photo, we arrange it in the best suitable size possible. The resolution is thoroughly checked and corrected with the utmost attention.
  • Now, with the help of photoshop, the pet paintings’ background is set up with lots of focus. We believe that having the right background is the key to a masterpiece, it lifts up the aura of your pet digital portrait.
  • Now the next step is the colour correction and selection process for your painting to have that touch of originality. Post this, the final colour leveling, brightness, and contrast of your pet’s painting is set.
  • Finally, the Corel painter software is used. With the help of the Wacom Tablet, the blending of the colours is done. This is supposed to be a very time-consuming task with lots of minute details. All the pet paintings go through this procedure very thoroughly.

The custom pet oil painting will be delivered to you on canvas with a standard size range of 12” x 14’. You can also avail up to 3 free revisions in the portrait. The file will be available either in PNG or JPEG format, in the case of countries outside India. Our pet portraits are presented to you on an “archival canvas”, available only in India. Come let’s bring to life, this beautiful journey of painting memories, happiness, love and elegance with a digital pet portrait together.