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15 common dog behaviours explained

By Pawstro | 12 Nov, 2021 in Dog Lover

15 common dog behaviours explained

Whether you are a proud dog parent or just a dog lover – it’s very likely that you have observed strange dog behaviours. There are times when dogs simply do the craziest things that we are not even aware of. These actions of dogs that sometimes appear funny or weird can be understood by knowing the behaviour of dogs. In this article – we are making an attempt to throw light on some of these dog behaviours.

Common dog behaviours

1. Running behind the tale

Image Source: Primal Pet Foods

This is perhaps the most common thing that dogs enjoy doing. This behaviour occurs when dogs are usually high on energy, well-rested and well-fed. There isn’t anything wrong with dogs chasing their tails as it’s a fun activity in which dogs engage. When dogs don’t have a company to play with- dogs don’t mind and just play their own game.

2. Sniffing other dogs

Image Source: The Dog People

They love to take the smells of their mates from the same tribe. Dogs not only recognise each other by the smell but they remember the distinct smell. So, whenever two furry mates are meeting for the first time – sniffing is a way of introducing each other.

3. Long & continuous howling

Though dogs are considered pets – they have never given up their wild instincts. These instincts keep showing every now and then. Long & continuous howlings are one of the dog behaviours which is rooted in this genetic history of dogs. They love to howl just like their wild ancestors. This is usually to communicate their message to other dogs.

4. Panting

When dogs are tired – after a long run, panting is a normal thing to do. It’s their way of catching the breath and releasing the body heat generated during the exercise.

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5. Sneezing

When any dust particles or a foreign element enters the nose – it can lead a dog to sneeze. It’s okay if it is an occasional sneeze – however if your dog is sneezing continuously – then it’s better to visit a vet at the earliest.

6. Starring

Image Source: Rehome

When dogs need your attention – they just stare at you. However, different stares can have different meanings. Looking at the eyes of a dog and their body language – you can understand whether it’s a warning or just a call for attention.

7. Sleeping Upwards

Dog is lying on back on the bed – selective focus

Image Source: Petbarn

Dogs have different styles of sleeping and you can notice their positions every now and then. However, when dogs sleep with their belly up – it means that they completely trust the surroundings and are aware of them. This type of sleeping allows a dog to rest all their body parts and relax freely.

8. Digging Holes

When high on energy – this is the favourite pastime of any dog. They usually do it for fun – however, there are times when dogs dig holes to hide their beloved belongings such as a chew bone or other items.

9. Chewing Shoes

Image Source: Dogs – LoveToKnow

When dogs are growing up – they usually have a lot of energy and curiosity about lots of things. Chewing shoes is a result of that. However – dogs need to be trained and we have to make sure that they refrain from these habits that can cause a nuisance.

10. Endless Running

After a bath or a good sleep – you can see dogs running non-stop from one corner to another and they just keep repeating until they get tired completely. While it may appear strange – but it’s completely normal behaviour. Once the energy levels of dogs go down – they just sit and rest in their favourite corner.

11. Licking People

This can be considered as a sign of affection. When dogs love someone they show it by licking other people. Most people who are not dog lovers or new to dogs – just get scared at first – however people who are aware just look at this as one of the common dog behaviours.

12. Dog Bites

Image Source: Medical News Today

This is somewhat serious. However, there are many reasons why a dog bites. Despite the popular misconception – a dog does not necessarily bite to attack, but it can be to express its dissent or a concern. Sometimes dogs hold humans with their mouth – and in that process – the teeth may do some unintentional damage. Real dog bites are when dogs apply force with their jaws and it leads to injuries. Either way – no matter how much you trust your dogs – never take them for granted & keep an open eye.

13. Playing in Mud

Image Source: LoveYourDog

Dogs love this. When it’s a sunny day and the heat is getting unbearable, they simply love to get drenched in the mud. This helps in beating the heat. However, most of the time – the reason is to engage in a playful activity. However, being a pet parent you should always be aware that the mud is safe and there are no parasites coming to your dog from it.

14. Tail Wagging

When dogs want to impress you or express that they are interested in playing or communicating their fondness – the first thing they do is tail wagging. Based on the way they wag their tails you can get an idea about their mood. It summarizes a mix of emotions such as excitement & joy. It is usually when a pet parent returns home after work – the dogs wave their tails and welcome their pet parent.

15. Goofing

Image Source: imgur

If you are a keen pet parent – by now you know how your dogs communicate with you. While they bark in certain situations – goofing comes as a more relaxed or casual form of communication.

So we hope you find this article interesting & these insights will help you to observe the dogs better. This is a great way of knowing and understanding your dog better and can also help in bonding them in a better way. If you find the article interesting, you can share it among your other dog parent friends. To keep reading more of such interesting topics – you can follow us and never miss an update.