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How do you deal with an unexpected death of a pet?

By Pawstro | 22 Oct, 2021 in Cat Lover, Dog Lover, Pet Care

How do you deal with an unexpected death of a pet?

The death of a pet is probably the only time when you can get sad because of your pets. Long before you adopt a pet in your house, you have to accept this truth. A pet comes into your life, fills it with happiness, makes countless memories and one day leaves you forever. Dealing with the loss of a pet can be very tragic, full of grief and discomfort. This is one of those difficult conversations which are not talked about much.

Death – though perceived as something tragic or unfortunate, in reality, is the ultimate truth. To put it in the words of Haruki MurakamiDeath is not the opposite of life, but a part of it. With this article, we are making an attempt to engage in a difficult conversation that is pet loss. So, if you are sensitive in nature and feel that this conversation can make you feel uncomfortable, you can stop right here & check the other articles on our site.

Remember that death is not the end of happy memories
Their first bark & the first vaccine shot, the first shoe that you wasted & the first angry bite; when you start to look back there are countless memories of your pet right from the very first day. These memories can make you smile and cry at the same time. Creating these memories with your loving pets is a joy of its own kind. However, even after the death of a pet, these memories are going to stay right in your heart. So choosing to be happy for these beautiful memories that you have made with your pet is a positive way of looking at such events.

Children may take their own time
The grief among adults & children can not be differentiated when it comes to losing your beloved pet. However, children can take longer to get acquainted with the reality that their favourite pet is no longer with them. While this needs to be properly communicated with the children, it is equally important that they are allowed to freely express their emotions. This will not only make them feel lighter but also help them to accept this reality of pet loss with ease.

Engage your mind in other activities
Mourning is an expression of connection & bonding that you have shared with a soul. However, as you get ahead in life, it becomes important to engage yourself in other activities. This not only diverts your mind but also helps you to engage yourself in constructive activities. As time passes, you can get over the grief of losing your beloved pet. Situations & experiences like this make you stronger. Over the period, it’s not the grief that reduces, but the maturity & understanding that you develop towards life makes you capable of handling such situations with confidence.

Pay a tribute to your pet’s memories
Throughout their time with you, your pets never stop to amaze you. So after the event of the death of a pet, there are many ways in which you can express your gratitude towards them. Being thankful for the amazing memories that these pets brought to your lives can be a real tribute to them. Creating a pet album, commissioning a mural artwork, getting their poster made by an artist; there are many things that you can do in the memory of your pet.

Getting a custom pet oil painting can also be an addition to this list. This painting can let you have your pets right in front of your eyes, reassuring you of the bond of love & affection that they shared with you. If any of your friends or family are going through a similar experience, you can cherish their pet’s memories with a custom portrait.

Adopting a new pet
Your pet was one of its kind and nothing can ever replace your previous pet. The relationship was built over a long period. The bond of love that you shared with your pet is eternal. In the event of the death of a pet, adopting a new pet can be a great way to fill the vacuum that has been created in your life. Remember when you are bringing home a puppy or a kitten, there are many pets who are stuck in animal shelters & rescue homes.

Adopting a pet from such places can bring joy to the lives of pets & give them a happy home. Be a part of this change by taking the first step in this direction.

Your pet will be with you for a long time
As long as you remember their name, your family & friends keep mentioning the amazing stories about them, you keep remembering them in the discussions, but with pride and not grief; your pets will be with you. Yes, memories are what keeps a soul alive. Whether you have faced a loss of a dog or missing your kitty; remember that their memories are with you, forever. Be happy for the amazing time you had with your pets and remember them for their mischief, dramas, affection and everything else.

Pawstro – Spreading smiles with our pet paintings
In this space, we host discussions around pet parenting, digital artwork and everything else around the pet world. We hope you find this article helpful. Some topics may sound difficult at first, but unless we address them, simplifying them isn’t possible. This article was one such attempt at addressing this subject & we have tried our best to initiate a conversation. What are your thoughts? How did you find this article? Do let us know in the comment section.

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