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Best Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers

By Pawstro | 22 Nov, 2021 in Dog Lover

Best Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers

Dog lovers are great fun to be around. You will always find them showing your pictures and videos of their adorable dog. They are very enthusiastic when it comes to planning their vacations, day trips, walks, play dates, shopping days etc. They are well aware that this showering of excess and pure love gives amazing justice to the beloved pet that reciprocates the same love. After all there is nothing as comforting as the unconditional love of your dog.

This Christmas, if you have got any dog lovers on your gifting list, then you should consider yourself blessed. For most of us, shopping does seem like a daunting task especially when there is little idea of what the other person is into. But now, since you already are aware that your friend is a dog lover, you are off to a great start!

If at all, you feel like putting in some extra effort this holiday season for these dog lovers, you can think of gifting them something different than the usual sweater or T-shirt. Try to dig in a little deeper by knowing what kind of dog lover your friend is. Do you feel they deserve an award for being the best dog mom or dog dad or is he/she more of an animal documentary person? Try to get to know these to land upon a thoughtful and adorable gift for them and their pet pooch which can be cherished for the coming years. However, we know how frustrating gifting can become sometimes, so we at Pawstro have got you covered with a curated list of unique, unexpected and exciting Christmas gifts for dog lovers and their doggos. Here you go:

Here is a list of the Best Christmas gifts for dog lovers:

  1. Matching face mask and bandana

    Post pandemic, masks have become a necessity for all of us, so, why not get a cute face mask for your friend who is a dog lover. You can get a customised mask with a dog paw, or a small paw and a bone with their doggo’s name. For the doggo, you can get a colourful bandana (with Christmas colours) created with their name. So, when both of them would go out for a walk together, they would do a perfect twinning. Sounds super cool, doesn’t it?

  2. Digital Pet Portraits

    Nothing can absolutely go wrong with this one. This one can be the ideal Christmas gift for your friend and his/her cute dog. You can get this done with a Christmas theme. This will not only give a very personal and meaningful touch but also amaze your friend. Gifting a painting is always mesmerizing, but digital painting is something that is very unique and something different from the usual paintings. Such dog portraits also turn out to be great conversation openers when hung to the walls. So, a perfect Christmas evening is guaranteed.

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  3. A Dog Book

    If your friend happens to be a dog lover and also a book lover then this can be another thoughtful pick. You can give them ‘dog songs’, a beautiful collection of dog poems authored by Mary Oliver. The poems talk about how dogs enrich homes and are the perfect therapists as well. It is indeed a must-have for every dog lover. So, you can wrap it down neatly with a nice quote and make their Christmas worth remembering. Dog Books on Amazon

  4. A Dog Record Book

    Just like gifting a baby record book, you can also gift a dog record book. This can help the dog owner in listing down all the important and cute things done by their doggos date-wise. They can also stick suitable pictures along and create a world full of their doggo’s memories. On the cover of this dog record book, you can get dog portraits printed. This will add a more personalised touch.

  5. Personalised Dog Bowl

    Source: Heads up for tailsA personalised dog bowl can be a very distinct set of gifts for a dog lover. If you happen to give this, make sure that you give some ceramic bowls and not some traditional ones. These days, there are 100% microwave and dishwasher-safe pet bowls. You can get them, get cute prints on them and gift them. These can be used by dog owners to keep wet dog food, dry dog food or and hydrates. So, let the doggos get their Christmas treats in a new fancy personalised bowl.

  6. A Dog Angel Tree topper

    It is hard to imagine Christmas celebrations without a Christmas tree. Decorating a Christmas tree not only makes the festival more lively but also is said to keep away bad and evil spirits during cold winter nights. While arranging different decor pieces, instead of the usual star on the top of the tree, you can gift a dog lover with a unique dog angel tree topper. This will surely grab the attention of all the members since it will look super catchy and cute. Do go for this change!

  7. Dog Mom/Dog Dad T-shirt about gifting a cool long-sleeved Dog Mom/ Dog Dad t-shirt to a dog lover? You can also get the name of their pooch written on the bottom of the main print. This can be a funky and thoughtful outfit for a cold Christmas night. They will feel proud to wear this and it might gradually also become their favourite t-shirt! Additionally, you can also get a shirt for their dog, on which something like this can be written, Jack’s Baby or Jack’s Fur Ball etc. What a cute sight of a parent/child duo!

  8. Printed Apron

    A paw-printed apron can be another distinct gift for dog lovers on Christmas. A new apron on festive days with paw prints will give them great joy while cooking and hosting their guests. Watch them prepare and arrange for the Christmas treats with a pawsitive attitude with a pawsitive apron.

With these unique Christmas gift options, we hope that you are able to pick the most suitable and best ones for your dog lover friend! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.