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Mitesh bandekar Mumbai

5 star artwork

I had a 5/5 experience with Pawstro. The artist was very very attentive when I told them exactly what I needed and in the end they painted it accurately to the detail!!! The artist is so talented! I loved it, and Mickey (my dog) went crazy. I’d definitely recommend Pawstro to all.

Mickey Dog Pink Background Digital Master Portrait Painting
Nidhi Jain Gurgaon

Exceptionally Beautiful

Love the painting that was sent. Sent 2 photos of my 2 cutties- Goofy & Tim Tim and I wanted it to be on a soothing pastel colour background. Pawstro’s artists exceeded my expectations!!! I will definitely go for their services again, meanwhile I’ll recommend Pawstro to everyone with pets in their family.

Two Shihtzu Custom Name Portrait Painting By Pawstro
Nimit Patel Surat

Craftmanship beyond impressive

We couldn’t be more impressed with the craftsmanship and creativity of the artist. We were thrilled with the turnaround time. And for such a quality portrait, Pawstro provided exceptional work creating an invaluable piece of art that our family can cherish for years to come.

Photo Of Black Labrador With It's Digital Portrait Painting
Khushi Patel Anand, Gujarat

Grateful for this beauty

The portrait was so easy to hang as it came with framed very light and beautiful. Can’t tell how thankful are we to have this. This is so amazing and everyone that has seen it says the same. Freddy is family. A picture can say a thousand words and this says more than that.

Pawstro Happy Client Review-On-Corgi-Pet-Portrait.png
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