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Why Are Dog Portraits So Popular?

By Pawstro | 18 Jan, 2022 in Dog Lover, Pet Painting

Why Are Dog Portraits So Popular?

Everything changes when you welcome a dog into your life. Your daily routines are distinct (you now wake up to a moist snout nudging you out of bed). Your family is distinct (dog toys, dog clothes, and dog treats are suddenly everywhere). Your dietary habits differ now (a set of watchful eyes now follow every bite you take). Most importantly, a new sense of excitement, vitality, and love pervades every area. How are dogs able to have such a profound impact on our lives? And what is it about them that makes us fall head over heels in love and restructure our life only to be with them?

The answer is simple. It is because our bond with them isn’t tainted by misconceptions and miscommunications. The bond we share with them is both pure and profound, yet it’s still difficult to put into the right words!

We share an emotional relationship with our dogs

The bond we form with our pets differs significantly from those we form with other people. We don’t communicate with dogs, in the same manner, we do with our friends, family, and loved ones since dogs don’t speak anything (except for barks and whines, of course).

Dogs accept us just the way we are

Most of us walk around with our guard up at some point in our lives. We go silent and suppress our emotions since it’s a vital aspect of existence. With dogs, on the other hand, we may be entirely ourselves. They don’t mind if we have mood swings, if our clothes are mismatched, if we complain, or if we forget to clean the dishes. They do not judge us for any of this. So, It’s no surprise that we miss them while we’re away from them and always look forward to seeing their beautiful smiles at the end of the day.

So, It’s obvious that the bond we share with our pets is unlike any other. By displaying Digital Pet portraits on your walls, you can capture this precious and unique relationship in a splendid manner. Apart from the unique bond we share with them, there are many reasons why dog portraits are becoming so popular. Let’s take you over these:

They are incredible gifts
Giving pet portraits as a holiday or birthday gift to someone you know who owns a dog is a fantastic and unique way to recognise their beloved relationship with their pet. Guaranteed, it won’t be like any other present they’ve ever received.

Dog oil portraits fill your home with individuality and charm

Your dog is an important member of the family, and they deserve to be included in your family photos. A pet portrait also adds distinctness and individuality to your overall home design. If you hang dog portraits in your living room, it won’t take long for them to become the most talked-about item in the house.

Dog Portraits help to pay tribute to our deserving pets

The pain you feel when yourpet passes away is one of the most difficult phases of being a pet owner. While nothing can replace the place of your animal companion, digital pet portraits can be a touching way to remember them and keep them alive in your heart and thoughts. It’s also a lovely memento of your many wonderful times spent together.

Personal touch to your pet’s corner
Dog portraits can give your pet’s home or place a personal touch. Whether you have a designated corner or a full room in your house for your pet, having their photo there will give them a better sense of ownership.

Both you and your pet will become accustomed to a healthy sensation, knowing that their area in your house cannot belong to just any cat or dog. That they are the sole owners of it. And, of course, this will strengthen bonds from both sides.

Pet Portraits Aid in the Tracking of Pet Families
Dog portraits might help you keep track of generations and generations of pets if you wish to keep them. You could easily tell who was the son, father, and even great-great-grandfather if you had a portrait of each dog in the family line. It will assist you in keeping track of names and their breed.

Pet Portraits Can Assist You in Getting Your Message Out

Assume you’re a social activist fighting for a noble cause related to your pet. In this case, dog portraits in your living room or guest room will push your campaign. These sweet and dedicated gestures speak loudly about the sincerity of your feelings and intentions.

Non-Materialistic People Will Love Pet Portraits
Non-materialistic people are among the most difficult to buy anything for. They may prefer to live a simple life. These people are, for the most part, self-satisfied. These folks have realised that they only want what they require, nothing less or nothing more. They feel that material possessions do not always offer self-satisfaction. Rather than acquiring luxurious goods, they thrive on emotional experiences. And such a person’s reaction can frequently reveal whether or not they are materialistic.

These people are genuine and feel super thankful when they are given anything like this instead of some super expensive clothing or accessory. A custom pet oil painting will always go over well if you know they’re a pet lover.

Right from the day a dog enters our lives till their last breath, dog’s go above and beyond to bring smiles to our faces. They change the atmosphere of a house completely and can help you to give your life a great purpose. To thank them and to honour them, people are considering going for their portraits. This is a unique way of giving them a tribute.

With Pawstro, you can get a masterpiece done for yourself or your friend and see for yourself why people are going bonkers over it. You can get a theme portrait, master portrait or a name portrait done. Each portrait is painted with lots of love and attention to detail. Our in-house artists make sure that every piece has its unique feature.