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This Women’s Day, surprise pet moms with exclusive gifting

By Pawstro | 22 Feb, 2022 in Cat Lover, Dog Lover, Pet Care

This Women’s Day, surprise pet moms with exclusive gifting

Every year on March 8th, Women’s Day is observed around the world to honour women’s significant contributions to society. Women’s Day honours the silenced voices of those women who are still prevented from achieving their full potential and securing their rights. The day also honours the outstanding contributions of women all across the world in securing women’s rights and creating more egalitarian communities with exclusive and powerful women’s day gifts.

Women can create, nurture, and transform the world around them. Women kindle the spirit of power and hope at the same time. One day just isn’t enough to mark their acknowledgment about all the contributions given to society. So, let’s just take a moment and thank all those brave ladies around us, from all the walks of our lives who helped us achieve our strengths, forgave our worst mistakes, loved and cared without any conditions and made us realize why dignity, respect and justice should be obtained at any cost.

International Women’s Day honours the women who paved the way for advancement and fought to elevate the status of “womanhood” to where it is now. Regrettably, the day also serves as a reminder of the bigotry and inequality that still exist in our society. This wonderful day, devoted to women all over the world, is a celebration of women’s tremendous achievements in all areas of life, as well as their role in moulding the future. To honour such brave women in our lives, especially if they happen to be pet moms, who go out of their way to look after their human family, work, house chores as well as pampering pets, we have something special!

There can’t be a greater women’s day gift for a lady who adores her pets than something that reminds her of her beloved pets every day. This selection of presents is perfect for dog parents everywhere, as they are all based on everyday wear, such as T-shirts, or everyday use, such as mugs etc. Have a look.

Mug With Pet’s Name

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This personalised pet mug is the ideal women’s day gift for any dog mom because she will be reminded of her beloved pet with each sip. Get a soft copy of digital pet portraits of her dog and print them on the mug, this way you can make it look more unique and personal.

Pet-Mom Wine Glass

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If the pet mom has to stay away from her pet pooch for many days, there are high chances that she might end up missing her fur baby the most. In this case, she can get company by getting a pet-paw print wine glass. With every sip of wine that she takes, she can recall and relive the happy moments spent together with her pooch. So, accordingly, you can get a visual or photo created of the dog mom and the doggo or just the doggo. You can also get either her name or her furry best friends’ name printed on such customisable wine glasses.

Goodies for New Mom
It’s time to congratulate the new dog mom who is bold, loving and dedicated, with some hand-lettered envelopes and boxes that might also contain some flowers, chocolates, a wine glass, cosy t-shirt, and some fun task to do with their dog-babies.

Dog Dishcloths
A doggo a day keeps worries and the doctor away. It’s that simple. These clothes will help a pet mommy to get done with one of the most tiring and not-so-attractive tasks of the week: wiping the dishes. You can give her a set of such cute clothes, she can pick one up every week and do the chores with a big smile on her face. As a women’s day gift, you can get a print of custom pet portraits of her own doggo, in different moods and places too.

Matching Outfits as Women’s Day Gift

How about getting a cute paw-printed shirt for a dog mom as a women’s day gift, like that of her doggo? You can get a bandana designed for her pet, exactly the same type. You can also get her pet’s portrait painting on tshirts of her entire family. Just like how Barfi’s mom got it done for everyone with Pawstro. Something like this will give a true-family vibe and also will look funky yet extremely lovable.

A dog is called a man’s best friend for many reasons. It is a scientifically proven fact. To keep the spark of this friendship cum parenting alive, you can give a dog mom, a dog pendant (A pet-dant). The one that has a pave bone cut-out, she can wear that part around her neck and her doggo can wear the rest left out part, around his.

Custom Mobile Covers

Here’s another thoughtful present for a pet mom. You can have a pet portrait printed on a phone case so that they feel like they’re taking their pets with them wherever they go. Such women’s day gift for pet moms will undoubtedly brighten their days. You don’t have to be concerned about the art or the quality of the painting, simply leave it to Pawstro.

Custom Pet Portrait

Nothing could go wrong with this. This could be the perfect women’s day present for a pet mom and her adorable pet. You may do this with any theme that you choose. For eg: Pawstro’s Name Portrait, Theme Portrait, Master Portrait.

This will not only add a personal and meaningful touch to your gift, but it will also astound the pet mom. Giving a painting as a gift is always enthralling, but digital painting is something entirely different from traditional paintings. When put on the walls, such pet paintings turn out to be excellent conversation starters.

Customised Dog Socks
If you want a personalised gift that will make a pet mom laugh out loud, then a pair of socks printed with their pet’s face won’t disappoint.

Unique Pet Doormat
A one-of-a-kind doormat will brighten a fur mama’s day every time she walks through the door. A customised doormat can be a perfect pick for pet mommies who enjoy exploring the great outdoors with their pup.

To all the powerful super mommies out there, let them know we are proud. We are proud that they exist, we are proud that they hustle and we are proud that they are still so humble and loving. They deserve the best, and their fur-baby deserves even better. We hope that this women’s day, you are able to light up a women’s day, who is a pet lover, by giving them any of these curated items. We hope that you liked our listing. For more such updates and blogs, stay tuned with Pawstro. Pawstro believes that art can help in bringing a whole different meaning to a pet lover’s life. Check out our latest pet portraits today.