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Secret Santa gifts ideas for Dog Lovers in your office this Christmas

By Pawstro | 12 Dec, 2022 in Gift Ideas

Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers In Your Office

Christmas is here once again, and you know what that means …No I’m not talking about wine and cake. I’m talking about the happy tradition of giving gifts to people. Just imagine if you’re in an office there’s going to be a ritual of giving gifts to coworkers. And sometimes it’ll most probably be someone you know very little about. Most of the time it’ll probably be someone you say hi to at the water cooler, so you’ll probably go on Instagram to know more about them and the best you could find out was that he or she has a dog …Now what to do with this information?

It is widely known that the best gift to give a dog lover is a gift for his dog. Saves them time and money and earns you the title of ‘MOST THOUGHTFUL PERSON” in the office. Now, if you don’t have a dog and know next to nothing about what a dog needs don’t worry, this article is for you

Here are ten Secret Santa gift ideas for a dog lover:

Dog collar:
This one’s really obvious, it’s one of the oldest gifts for dogs in the world. A dog collar isn’t just a gift but much rather a necessity when you’re a dog owner as it displays your dog’s name and who they belong to. Several flea collars protect dogs from fleas and other ticks and also keep them safe especially if your dog is known to be a “runner”.

GPS tracker:
Remember when we said your dog might be a “runner”? Several dog owners have this problem where their dog might run out of the house and out the gate and they would have to spend hours or days trying to find them. So when you think about it, this would be a great gift to give to any dog owner. Because it ensures that their pet will always be within their reach.

Luxury dog sofa bed:
All dogs need a place to nap. And dog houses just aren’t working out in the 21st century. Dog owners need to show that they love their pets so their pets will love them back. So it’s fair that a dog should have at least some of the comfort that we enjoy. Like a soft fluffy dog sofa. Nowadays you can get one that is dirt-resistant and odor-resistant which will serve as a nice sleeping place for a dog.

Dog portraits:
Now this one we’re excited about. Digital pet paintings are trending nowadays. The process is very simple – you take a nice picture of a dog and sent it to the company and they make a nice digital pet painting for you to give as a gift. It looks and feels like an oil painting but at one-fourth of the cost and time. Pawstro is the leading player right now when it comes to digital pet paintings.

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Customized dog bone
We all know that dogs love to squeeze toys. So the next gift we recommend you would be a customized dog bone squeeze toy that can endure any dog’s long canine teeth and would satisfy any dog’s curiosity when their owner is in an important zoom meeting.

Dog Hoodie:
If you’re thinking about giving your friend’s dog a stylish makeover then this gift would be for you. They also protect your dog from shedding and harsh weather during the winter.

Dog Treats:
There is a lot of premium dog treat brands right now. Initially, when the first dog food company started functioning in India it was frowned upon, but now it’s a burgeoning industry. Dog food has gone from simply “food for dogs” to premium dog treats that the dogs have a fun time eating.

Healing balm:
Dogs face many skin problems if not cared for properly. They suffer from skin irritation and in most cases, this may lead to itchiness and skin conditions. Pretty soon a dog would be chewing at the bits of his skin and the owner would have to take him to a doctor. So it’s much more pleasant to treat the condition before it gets worse and healing balms help with that.

Another problem that your dog may have is with its feet. They may develop irritation on their paws from walking on rough ground. So the perfect solution for the problem is of course -socks. Just like humans, dogs could also use some leg protection but the main problem with buying dogs clothing is that they are averse to wearing them. On most occasions, they rip them out entirely and don’t wear them. So be sure that you get socks from a nice company that offers new material that’s fur friendly.

Paw cleaner:
This is a nice one. Much like socks, this is also regarding a dog’s foot protection. The soft bristles in the paw cleaner help exfoliate the dogs’ paws and keep them from infection. It is pretty much like a dog’s own private spa treatment and if bought perfectly it could be just what the doctor ordered.

So these were some of the things to gift your friend’s furry friend this Christmas, so what are you waiting for? Get moving and have a very merry Christmas.