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Indie Dogs: 5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Them

By Pawstro | 30 Jun, 2022 in Dog Lover

5 Resons Why You Should Adopt An Indie Dog

We bet you have been in one of these two situations at least once and in rare cases, both. One scenario is running away from a dog on the street and the other is running toward your beloved street dog.

If you have been the latter one on most occasions and are looking forward to becoming a pet parent then you should consider adopting Indie dogs/ puppies.

India is the home approx 62 million Indie dogs waiting in shelters, to be adopted. Indie dogs are seldom showered with love, unlike European and Siberian breeds of dogs like Huskies, Labs and Retrievers who are often bought and adopted.

Why do we keep such cuties deprived of love?
Let’s find them a home, let’s be their home.

The reason behind the prejudice against Indie dogs is unclaimed rumours. Rumours about Indie Dogs being aggressive are promoted heavily to continue the business of selling European dogs.

To state the truth, Indie Dogs are as loving and caring as any other breed of dogs. Because there are plenty of pet parents who have adopted Indie dogs and get a daily dose of licks and cuddles from their indie dogs.

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And not just that, there are plenty of other reasons that make Indie Dogs the best pets. Before adopting any breed of dog, one must do thorough research about their habits, the environment required, necessities and more.

Some breeds like Huskies and Bernards are high maintenance in India as it is difficult for them to adapt to our tropical weather. Adopting them in India can cause them adverse health problems and deteriorate their health.

To avoid such conditions choose breeds that are best suited for India. And one such breed is Indie Dogs.

Indie Dogs are best for adoption and we will tell you why.

5 Reasons to Adopt Indie Dogs:

1. Adapts to the climate
The breed of Indie Dogs has survived in the Indian weather for decades and hence they thrive in this weather.

For ages, they have adapted to the Indian climate and have evolved. Their layer of fur, built, average height and other physical attributes make them feel comfortable in the Indian weather.

While extremely furry breeds like Bernards, Pomeranians, Huskies and more find it difficult to adjust to the hot climate of India because of their thick layer of fur.

2. Extremely Healthy
An Indie Dog weighs between 12kgs to 20 kgs and stretches to the height of 51-64 cms.

Indie dogs are extremely healthy since Indian weather suits them perfectly. They stay fit till a ripe age. In addition to this, problems like obesity and dysplasia are rarely seen in Indie dogs.

These qualities make vet visits minimum. They don’t need constant medical attention and that saves your pennies. Truly, health is wealth.

An Indie dog stays healthy with basic medical attention such as regular checkups, getting nutritious meals & snacks and a good round of exercise everyday.

3. Low Maintenance
Every dog lover wants to be a pet parent someday. But some of them might hesitate to become one considering the maintenance cost involved in nurturing a dog.

Well, if you are someone who desperately wants to become a dog parent then just know an Indie Dog is wagging its tail waiting to be adopted by you.

Dog Adoption in place of buying, itself saves you great bucks. Adding to it is the breed. Indie dogs have thin fur coat and don’t require high-end grooming sessions.

Just a monthly bath and weekly trim will do for an Indie Dog. As they have less fur coat they have less to 0 hair fall. This keeps your home neat and clean and you don’t see a bundle of hair everywhere.

The only thing Indie Dogs go full-on high maintenance is the amount of love & attention they seek. Which we are pretty sure you won’t hesitate to give.

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4. Smart & Alert
One learns and grows with experience. This is the case with our grown-on-street Indie dogs too. They are naturally instinctive and sense danger quickly, and don’t flee.

When an Indie Dog senses danger, it fights back and protects its tribe and family. This extremely loyal breed will take a bullet to protect its owner.

Living in packs and tribes on the street makes them good at communicating and befriending other dogs & hoomans too.

Their skill of sensing danger has got them a position in the Police Search Squad as well. They are great guards and have a high level of emotional intelligence.

Now it is upon us to guard a treasure like them by adopting indie puppies.

5. Promote Kindness
‘Love knows no Breed’, you can become the promoter of this message. Being a Dog person it is in our hands to end the prejudice against our street puppies and dogs.

Not only will a dog find its home and you will get a companion but other dog lovers will also be encouraged to adopt an Indie dog.

Your choice for Dog Adoption instead of dog buying will have a larger impact than you can imagine.

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