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How to make your pet famous on social media

By Pawstro | 09 Mar, 2020 in Pet Love

How to make your pet famous on social media

Jiff has a following of over 24 million across the social media. Tardar Sauce has over 2.4 million followers on Instagram. Doug has over 10 million Facebook views and Maru has over 2.6 million followers on Instagram.

Are you wondering who these celebs are, with a huge social media following on social media?

Well, you are right. They are celebs for sure, but not humans! These are pets. Jiff is a Pomeranian, Tardar Sauce is a cat, Doug is a pug and Maru is a dog.


Don’t be, because celeb pets are hot properties on social media platforms with million-plus followers, views, likes, reach, comments and shares. Obviously these pets can’t operate their social media accounts and you bet! They are not even aware of their celeb status, as their accounts are most efficiently managed by their pet parents.

So, if you too have a pet and want to make it a celeb on the social media, read on..

1. Create your pet’s account
This is the mandatory, first step. Make sure that this account is not separate from your personal account. Also ensure that you use no more than one or two social media platforms for logistical reasons. An ideal combo could be Facebook + Instagram and that would take care of the lion’s share of social media coverage.

2. Get the right name
Get a name for your pet that will instantly click. Do your research before christening the account. Because, you don’t want to change the name later on when the viewership and fan following is on the rise. That way, you will lose traffic built so painstakingly on the page and it will hurt your pet brand greatly. So, ensure that you chose the right name from the beginning and stick to it, no matter what.

3. Supporting content
Like any other social media account, content is the King here too! You need to have word ammunition that will last you for a couple weeks before you roll out your first post. Consistency matters. An ideal way to start posting is by creating pet paintings from photos. Assuming you have a dog as pet, get in touch with innovative outlets like Pawstro, who can help you create large-format dog canvas pictures of your beloved canine in no time. You can use them as the DP (Display Picture) for the page. A DP is the first thing that a potential follower sees and if liked, your account gets a follower. Generally, accounts with a large number of follower counts have a rich quality and quantity of content – pictures, videos and write-ups. You may want to brush-up your social media marketing skills by referring to YouTube videos or taken some other online tutorials in order to attract traffic to your pet’s social pages.

4. Choosing your pet’s “Angle”
No, we are not asking you to give geometry lessons to your pet. An “Angle” is that value around which you will start creating the entire brand story for your pet. It could range from being adventurous, funny, grumpy, innocent, protective etc. You can find these angles from your daily interactions with your pet. Infact, one of the popular trends is to create a dog oil painting for a specific “angle” and weave a story around it. Also, make sure that you stay connected with this ‘angle’ always. Again, consistency is the key because for followers, this “angle” is the primary reason for following your pet’s page.

5. Use #Hashtags
Hashtags (#) are an important tool to create a buzz around your pet’s social media account. Hashtags help create awareness and come in handy while increasing the page’s reach or keeping the followers engaged. Examples of hashtags to use are #namegoesshopping, #namewantstohavefun etc. When it comes to hashtags, keep your eyes and ears open to what is trending with competition and get inspired.

6. Be Regular
Social media accounts that display regular posts log in a larger following than those that are irregulars. In fact, keep close tabs on what your followers ask for or demand and feed them with content bytes, accordingly. Depending upon the quantum of content you can generate, whether daily, weekly or fortnightly, make sure you stick to the frequency.

7. Be a follower
Ideally, begin as a follower to an established account. You will learn what kind of content is trending. But don’t copy-paste. Produce original content as the search engines these days are so intelligent, they will instantly tank your page in search rankings, so beware!

Next get an awesome DP for your pet. For canines, dog oil painting from Pawstro are perfect picks.

Once this is done, the rest is simply a game of generating the right content, around those images and captioning them imaginatively with a lot of verve! If you get these two basics right, you can rest assured that your pet will soon have the most liked social media profile, among all pets!

Wouldn’t that be a pet dream come true?