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How Can Kids Enjoy Summer Vacation with Dogs

By Pawstro | 28 Aug, 2023 in Cat Lover, Pet Painting

How Can Kids Enjoy Summer Vacation with Dogs

One of the best parts of summer vacation for kids is all of their free time, which is why summer vacation with dogs is a great way to fill a lot of that free time. Many benefits come from kids spending summer vacation with dogs that span beyond just killing a lot of that free time.

A great way to make use of a kid’s free time during the summer is by filling it with something meaningful. Making the time constructive is the best way for them to get the most value out of it, and there are quite a few different ways to. Giving kids responsibilities is a great way to make them grow as individuals, help them form good habits, teach them time management, and how to prioritize.

Being active during the vacations

All of these fundamentals naturally get fulfilled when it comes to how kids can enjoy summer vacation with dogs. Having a child on a schedule is important for them, and giving them a reason to get up in the morning is a good way to ensure they do not spend too much time oversleeping. From starting their day by getting up to let the dog outside they then after getting it fresh food and water for its first meal of the day it evolves into more. This also is a cue for a kid that it’s their time for breakfast as well.

Play-time in the park

Not to mention, dogs have to be walked and played with which also means kids are getting exercise too. Whether it be a walk, or playing fetch, it’s making sure that both are getting their blood moving. Playing fetch works in different ways: it not only helps with motor skills for the kid but also great exercise for the dog.

Learn while they play

During all the time that the kids and dogs are spending time together, the kids will also learn how to better teach the dog. Discipline is a two-way street and this is a great way for kids to understand the importance of proper communication based on giving commands to the dog that it will understand. This can also teach kids how the tone of their voice and the volume can make a difference based on the dog’s response.

Eternalize those summer memories with a Digital pet portrait

The bond between a kid and their dog is one that is completely different from any other relationship they have at that point in life. This is why a digital pet portrait is a wonderful idea for your kid or kids. After all of the hard work that is put into taking care of the dog, a pet memorial painting is a great reminder, not just of the dog, but as a reminder of the first summer vacation with dogs.

A pet memorial painting is also a genuine way to get another learning experience during this time. This is an opportunity to incentivize kids to make sure they follow through with commitment. Because this is such a momentous occasion, making sure they know that at the end of the vacation, they will be rewarded for all the time and effort that they displayed during their summer is very important.

More play-time, less screen time

Speaking of time, previously time management was mentioned as one of the fundamentals gained from how kids can enjoy summer vacation with dogs. During the process of taking care of the dog by feeding it, letting it out, and making sure it gets its exercise, kids have to learn how to fit in other activities they want to do during the day based on these responsibilities. This is a concept that kids will take with them for the rest of their lives. Another additive is that the time spent this way is time away from any kind of screen. As it is known during this time in age, any opportunity to have time away from electronics is always preferred.

Developing a bond for a lifetime

The reward is not just in having a digital dog portrait, but rather the time spent with the dog. While not only making the summer vacation productive for kids with dogs, they also both come out with a stronger bond. The learning experiences have many obvious benefits. One that has not been mentioned as of yet is that giving these manageable responsibilities to kids, also creates better trust between kids and parents. It lets kids know that they can handle responsibilities and that it is seen and appreciated by parents.

As kids get older, it also allows them to have a source of income by pet sitting. Later this would also let them know that they are responsible enough to be trusted with someone else’s dog. These are not just positive examples of growth on a personal level but are good relationship-building skills. 

How can kids enjoy summer vacation with dogs? As it is seen, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the potential with the opportunity. Needless to say, it is a wonderful experience for everyone involved.