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7 of our adorable pet portraits

By Pawstro | 26 Mar, 2021 in Pet Painting

7 of our adorable pet portraits

Having a pet at home is like having a family member and most of the time, even more. The love that dogs give, the loyalty that they have and the way they can make one feel are beyond words! Love comes to us in different forms. It could walk into your life with little paws or jump on your lap with that furry tail that can tickle your nose. It could be the twinkling eyes that have the power of capturing your heart or it could be pet portraits that draw their essence from the magnificent strokes of art. The amount of affection you share with your pet is too much to describe in words, which is exactly why we chose the medium of paintings.

Pawstro wasn’t born like any other business. It was born out of emotion. When one artist painted one of his first pet portraits for another artist & a pet parent, they felt like spreading this joy to other pet parents and hence Pawstro was born. Pawstro’s digital pet portraits are digitally hand-drawn on a Wacom tablet. Often, pet parents wonder how can this painting be pretty, since it is not hand-drawn- but the fact of the matter is we have adopted a process that is just technological advanced, the strokes, colours and detailing is as intense as a hand painting and what’s more? These paintings last longer! A canvas, on average, stays as it is for almost 8-10 years and maintaining it is pretty simple- just wiping it with a damp cloth is enough to keep it new and shining!

Every stroke of our dog pet portraits has a touch of our love for all pets around the world. Every time we make a painting, we feel as if one new family member is added to Pawstro’s family of all our furry mates. While we love each of our pet dog portraits, there are some favourites we have that we would love to share with you!

1. Maya

First on, Meet Maya. She is a celebrity pup, we aren’t kidding. Maya is Instagram’s favourite influencer Kusha Kapila’s pet. As soon as she got Maya in her house, she uploaded a picture of her and we couldn’t stop ourselves from giving her a painting of Maya. The moment she saw this painting, she was absolutely overjoyed and we received a lot of comments on this painting due to it looking lifeline and adorable! Painting Maya for Kusha was a memorable experience for all of us at Pawstro. And not to brag, but we almost went ‘viral’ that day.

2. Teddy

Now, meet Teddy! It was a normal day at work when a fellow pet-parent Shweta Mishra dropped us a message. She shared an adorable picture of her pet teddy with us and said that she has lost her and only had that one picture with him. Not just that, Shweta also wanted a quote on her painting that read, ‘in my darkest hour when I reached for a hand I found your paw, Good Boy’. Painting Teddy was special for us because it was as if we were bringing him to life with this painting. We will make many dog pet portraits but Teddy’s will always, always be special for us at Pawstro.

3. Tukie

Meet our most friendly client Sneha’s cute pup Tukie! Sneha saw our painting on Instagram and wanted to make one for her pet. Sneha’s reaction on seeing this painting was something that none of us at Pwstro will be able to forget. She sent us an audio message and the happiness she got on seeing the painting was visible in her voice. Sneha who lives outside India gifted this painting to her parents in Mumbai and it felt amazing to see how our pet portraits became a beautiful memory for their family.

4. Tilly

In India, Bollywood is a tinsel town! We all have our favourite actors and actresses and we follow the stars, their movies and their lifestyles too. We made a pet oil painting from photo for Arjun Mathur, the actor’s pet cat Tilly. Arjun was absolutely elated on seeing Tilly’s painting and immediately ordered a Canvas portrait to decorate a wall at his home with this beautiful painting. It was a fan moment for us at Pawstro to interact with Arjun and also gift him our art!

5. Patch

Meet Patch, the pet cat of Instagram’s funniest influencer Srishti Dixit. We used to keep seeing patch on our feeds, stories and were completely smitten with her. Moreover, we also saw the awareness that Srishti spreads on Instagram about pet adoption and foster parents for pets. We understood she is a true blue pet lover and giving her a pet portrait will be a memorable moment for her and it was! It was truly memorable for her and what was more interesting was, after sending her the canvas print we kept seeing the canvas mounted on her wall appearing in several of her videos.

6. Phulki

Meet Phulki, seasoned actress Swastika Mukherjee’s pet. She had unique ears and we captured that in her painting, and surprisingly so, that was actually the highlight of the painting for Swastika. She was so elated to see the painting, she even posted about or on her feed. Sometimes, a rather normal day gets beautifully energized when we make someone happy with our pet portraits.

7. Snowbell

The first thought we had on seeing this cat was, ‘Oh she looks just like Snowbell!’ (from the movie franchise Stuart Little) You might be thinking the same too, right? We loved painting her captivating big eyes and the heart-melting innocence that is visible on her face. When we make paintings, we don’t just paint, we create memories and we become a part of amazing pet families!

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Having made many pet portraits, we have realized that a painting can be one of the most beautiful gifts for dog lovers. Paintings don’t just reflect how much a parent loves their pet and how pets are like babies in the house; they also bring back beautiful memories that are spent with pets. They are symbolic of how bringing a pet into someone’s life can be a totally life-changing experience.

Commemorate your love for your pet with Pawstro’s digital oil portrait. Ordering is easy- Simple message us on Instagram/Facebook, or you can call us on 9054719872 order via our website! We will be happy to have you in our big furry happy pet family.